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My daughter Caleigh's 13th birthday party last night.  Fourteen girls, in tents, outdoor movie insanity!!!!  My yard looks like I hosted Woodstock!!!!!
This is my super terrific husband Barry!!  He is the best husband in the world - I'll bet you on it!!!!
My dog Angel - I chose the name because she was found in a box on the steps of our church AND its a miracle that my husband allows a dog in his home.  It's ok now, they are big buddies!!!!
This is an outing with my sister Linda.  This is the first time I went somewhere without a wig after getting news that I was in full remission!!!!!!
My daughter Caleigh.  She just turned 13 and this was her first full-on dress up, high heels, makeup party for a Academy Awards themed party.  Momma cried!!!
My awesome family!!!  Last summer at Myrtle Beach.

Tammy Wise

Career Consultant


“True heroism is remarkably sober, very undramatic. It is not the urge to surpass all other at whatever cost, but the urge to serve other at whatever cost.”


I'm busy with the training that makes Medical Solutions' Career Consultants the best in the business. Rest assured, though, I'm ready to be the BEST I can be and:
• Listen to what you want out of a travel assignment
• Answer any questions you have
• Determine your needs
• Find the jobs available that meet your goals
• Help you prepare your resume
• Guide you through the application and licensure process
• Help you with any issues that arise during the assignment
• Be a friend when you need one

Comments and Recommendations

Being a nurse travel consultant is my perfect job. I have been in the staffing industry for a little under 15 years. I've always felt that great nurses were truly amazing people with abilities few have. After my battle with cancer, my respect greatly intensified. Let me be your travel agent - I will listen (I'm a professional listener) and I will take care of you through your career adventures and I will beg for pictures from all the great places you go!!!

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