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Kayaking on the Niobrara River!
Hanging out in San Diego!
Sunset in Pacific Beach - San Diego
Cabrillo Nat'l Monument - San Diego
August 2013 at Arches Nat'l Park
Sunset in Arches Nat'l Park
Arches National Park - August 2013
2012 trip to wine country.
My niece and nephew.
Bruce, the wonder dog!
Me with my niece and nephew in Texas.
Cupcake bouquet!
That's me on the right, as Amy Winehouse for Halloween.
My awesome volleyball team.
A smash cake I made.


Career Consultant/Team Lead


“I’m pretty much like Gandhi, if Gandhi sat around eating cupcakes while drinking wine all day.”


Thanks for stopping by! I am Charity and I have been career consulting since April of 2008. I was scared to come into a business in which I had no prior experience, but thankfully I took the leap of faith because this has been, by far, the best career choice I’ve ever made!

I have nurses in my family but the “strong stomach” gene passed me by, so I stick to the recruiting part. During my tenure here, I have had the pleasure of meeting several of the travelers I’ve been able to place, and I can honestly say that if we all lived in the same area, we’d be hanging out a lot more often. I genuinely consider the travelers I work with to be like my friends and family members. It makes my job much more rewarding, and it also reminds me of how well I need to be taking care of them. It’s quite the responsibility, to assist someone who is out there saving lives, so I don’t take it for granted.

When I’m not doing the 8 to 5, you will usually find me at a local concert, at a local dive bar enjoying a fine craft brew or a glass of wine, beating someone at pool, or I could be baking cupcakes and other goodies which is my other passion. I love to bake, especially for other people. I recently adopted a Boston terrier from a local rescue named Bruce. He is 9, but don’t let that fool you – he is pretty rambunctious.

I look forward to getting to know you!

My Interests

  • • Baking/cooking
  • • Guitar
  • • Singing
  • • My dog
  • • Movies
  • • Camping
  • • Board games
  • • Reading
  • • U.S. History
  • • Traveling
  • • Watching football
  • • Visiting wineries and breweries
  • • Racquetball
  • • Kickboxing
  • Comments and Recommendations

    Charity is the best! Always working hard to find me great positions and makes sure that I am happy in the position that I'm in. She watches out for my best interests and is straightforward about what she can and can't do for me. I appreciate her integrity and the friendship that has grown through this partnership.

    - Margie H., RN

    I worked for Charity, for one travel assignment a few years ago. She is, to date, still my favorite recruiter.

    - Georgette K., RN

    Charity is a highly competent recruiter. I never had a problem that she wasn't quick to have an answer to. She was always checking on me but never overbearing. I recommend her highly to anyone needing a recruiter for RN travel.

    - Scott S., RN

    Charity is the only recruiter I have met in three years who sent me a video email message introducing herself as a potential employer and in my opinion; collaborator in facilitating my travel nursing experience. Although I am an employee of Medical Solutions and Charity is my recruiter, I sometimes see her as my companion in my search for the best travel experience for myself and my family. I ask for her honest opinion and she gives it. I ask for the bottom line and she delivers. She is honest, straightforward, trustworthy, and in the end, committed to making both myself and her client, the medical facilities that have hired Medical Solutions, as happy as possible. There is always conflict between personalities and facility requirements, but Charity does an excellent job in working to be the best mediator possible, recognizing that both I and the facility have needs and requirements that must be met in order to reach an accord. She has the most desirable trait necessary when being a travel recruiter: patience. Her attention to detail and reminders of deadlines made the final difference in whether or not I gained employment as a travel RN and for that I am grateful. Thank you Charity, for helping me begin my journey as a traveling RN.

    - Gabe G., RN

    Charity has been my recruiter at Medical Solutions for well over a year now. It is due to her efforts that I chose to begin traveling with Medical Solutions. Her ongoing help, hard work in meeting my requests in placements and best of all, willing ear and follow through for any complaints or issues I might have, keep me working for Medical Solutions instead of shopping around to other agencies. She's 'Simply the Best.'

    - Betheny P., RN

    Charity is an excellent person to work with, always did everything she could do to ensure my contract worked smoothly. Charity practices great communication and organizational skills. Charity possesses an excellent ethical business character and is a good role model for junior personnel.

    - Todd R., RN

    I have been a RN for many years, have worked in a variety of healthcare settings and have worked with quite a diversity of both patients and colleagues which has been both rewarding and challenging. I am now within my first year as a Travel Nurse and have had the honor of just completing a contract job through Medical Solutions. Charity was the first recruiter I had contact with when I began exploring travel nurse options. She has shown such caring, compassion, expertise and guidance even before I started the travel assignment with her company,Medical Solutions. She has a great personality and has demonstrated her expert knowledge of the travel nursing field. I look forward to many more travel contracts with Charity through Medical Solutions.

    - Bobbie D., RN

    Charity is very detailed-oriented, knowledge based, and resourceful in her job as a career consultant. Even when not working for Charity, but with another company, Charity has been there to answer questions for me in many areas such as the tax-free wages of a traveling nurse, the housing allowances allowed by the government in each state that I have inquired about. I would recommend working with Charity and Medical Solutions to anyone!

    - Tammy G., RN

    Charity has been a pleasure to work with. She brings a high degree of professionalism and confidence in her role as career consultant. Her strength in communication and ability to address the 'details' have been the reason for three consecutive contracts with this nurse. I can definitely recommend Charity without reservation...thanks Charity!

    - Mark A., RN

    Very helpful, keeps you up to date, keeps in touch, hears what your needs are as a travel nurse and does her best to make your dreams happen. Great personality.

    - Grace W., RN

    Charity has been my direct contact with Medical Solutions since I was hired. Very helpful in directing and instructing me as a new traveler and showing me all the ins and outs of the business. Charity has been open, cooperative, and encouraging, allowing to me to make decisions as to my assignments. Charity has been more than a colleague, she has been a friend; uplifting and understanding with personal and family issues and remembering to ask about those issues. I would recommend Charity as the only recruiter to have.

    - Forest S., RN
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