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Staffing Client Testimonials

"Working with Medical Solutions has been a terrific experience. Not interested in using a new staffing agency to help me with my vacancies, I reluctantly agreed to work with Medical Solutions for a hard-to-fill vacancy in our brand new Cardiac Cath Lab. Having worked with a number of agencies, I expected to experience more of the same 'acceptable' results. Instead, I received the most outstanding customer-focused experience I have ever had. My staffing request was given not only immediate attention but handled in a most efficient and professional manner with extreme attention to every last detail. Needless to say, the challenge to fill this critical staffing need was met head-on by my Client Manager, Jacob (Jake) Hammans. Skeptical as to whether I could expect the same service for future staffing needs, I decided to give Jake the next staffing challenge which proved to be another terrific experience and a great match for the department. The follow up on every inquiry and every candidate placed in our facility surpassed my expectations.

I have worked in hospital recruitment for 13 years and worked with many top agencies where I thought I was receiving good service. If I hadn't given Medical Solutions the chance to work with me I would have missed the opportunity to work [with] a truly customer-focused agency. Instead of listing my staffing needs with several agencies like I had done in the past and getting what I call mediocre responses with candidates that don't exactly match my needs, I contact Jake who I am confident will handle my request in a consistently efficient manner. Although Jake is my primary contact, in his absence, my needs have been handled in the same professional and efficient manner.

I would highly recommend Medical Solutions. The personalized service I have encountered has been above and beyond what I would have expected. I have been met with the same level of commitment, efficiency, and professionalism today as I was with my first request. It is reassuring to know I can count on Jake and Medical Solutions to treat my staffing needs with such priority and efficiency. It has been a pleasure to work with such a customer-focused agency."

—  Cindy G., MS RN, Professional Recruiter

"Scott is absolutely the most enjoyable Client Manager I have worked with over any other travel staffing agency. He is well known on a first name basis with the department managers and CNO when requests come in for travel needs. It is not uncommon for me to get a travel requisition from a department manager with a sticky note that says 'I've already contacted Scott' or even a note from the CNO that says 'Notify Scott first.' This is a relationship that [does not exist] with any other agencies we have worked with. When he is out of the office, Scott also informs those who fill in for him of our needs and pending issues so that nothing is left undone or unknown. Plus, he is always reachable by cell. Others who I have worked with in Scott's absence (i.e. Jeff Shaffar) have definitely carried out the image for Medical Solutions as Scott has shown us. This keeps us continuing to call upon Medical Solutions for our staffing needs!"

—  Kimberly B., Employment Coordinator

"Steve has done a wonderful job helping us fill our RN travel assignments in a crunch. He has been timely with all our inquires and has gone above and beyond to make sure we are provided with the best quality RNs. Steve's consistency and hard work have helped us stay successful and I am very pleased with our working relationship over the years. I would recommend Steve and Medical Solutions hands down."

—  Stacie B., Human Resources Assistant

"Thank you SO much! I actually have a list of things to thank you for so I'll start here … this info is so nice to have, with Travelers, I never really know if they enjoy the class or not. I feel like I'm repeating things they've heard a million times. This means a lot to me and I appreciate you sharing it with me!

Also, THANK YOU for the very generous gift card; you didn't have to do that. What a surprise it was! I enjoy working with you so much and think you do an amazing job. I know I'm hard to catch most of the time, but you always do such a great job getting me what I need and your company always gets the paperwork to us exactly how we need it. You're one of our favorites!

Thanks for everything you do. Don't ever leave MS!!"

—  Desi V., Recruitment Coordinator, Human Resources

"Medical Solutions provides Orange Regional Medical Center with reliable, trustworthy travel staff. If you are lucky enough to have the opportunity to work with Jeremiah or Chase, you will find that they delivery immediate results. Each time we've requested assistance with a travel staffing need, Jeremiah has sent highly qualified candidate profiles to me within 24-48 hours. Some of the individuals we contracted through Medical Solutions have such an excellent skill set and made a lasting impression that we have continued to extend their assignments with ORMC. I would highly recommend Medical Solutions to any organization in need of travel staffing needs."

—  Beth W., Recruitment Specialist

"Natasha Smith is the best Client Manager I have ever worked with — she listens to your needs, is efficient, pleasant, and goes out of her way to find staff to fill your open positions. She keeps you continuously updated and the client information is thorough, complete, and up-to-date. RCMH enjoys working with Medical Solutions as a staffing agency. The nursing staff we have used have been a pleasure to have on our temporary staff and fit right in with regular staff."

—  Jan N., Director of Nursing

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“I've been loving my Alaska assignment, thanks to Megan with Medical Solutions.”
-susan w

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