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Hospital Resources

Check out these resources designed for healthcare industry leaders.

Healthcare Staffing Articles and Resources 

Service That Inspires:                           Medical Solutions Through the Years 

Discover what you can expect when you choose to work with us.

Nurse Turnover Prevention 

Learn how to help prevent burnout and reduce turnover among your healthcare staff.

Work/Life Balance for Nurse Managers

Helpful ways to improve the work/life balance of a nurse manager.

Nurse Retention 

Discover ways in which a healthcare facility can improve retention rates among active nurses.

Prevent Nurse Manager Burnout 

Just like nurses, managers can also be prone to burning out. Learn the various ways you can help prevent burnout among your Nurse Managers — and yourself!

Orientation for Travel Nurses 

Travel Nurses are a welcome addition to short-staffed facilities, but what good are they if they don't know where to begin?

Break Time for Nurses 

So many factors can contribute to a nurse burnout. Learn how five-minute breaks can improve the physical and mental well-being of nurses.

Nurse to Patient Ratios 

Learn how better nurse to patient ratios can improve the health of your patients and lower your staffing costs.

7 Steps to Better Morale Handbook

Learn the importance of staff morale and various methods to improve it at your hospital.

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Learn more about Travel Nursing Information for Hospitals.

EMR/EHR Conversions

Learn how Medical Solutions can help with your facility's EMR conversion process.

Healthcare Staffing Resources

Read about hot topics in the healthcare industry here.

Traveling Nurse Screening Process

Our unique multi-point screening process ensures you have only the best candidates.

Staffing Client Testimonials

Our reputation as a first-class Travel Nursing staffing agency is second to none!

Healthcare Recruiting Strategy

We can find the most qualified Travel Nurses for your facility.

Managed Service Provider Services

As your Managed Service Provider, we'll handle your short-term nurse staffing needs so your perm staff can focus on delivering quality patient care!

Strength Through the Years

Find out why Medical Solutions has consistently ranked as one of the fastest growing staffing companies in the healthcare field.

Excelerated Staff Program

In need of a few good Travel Nurses? Look no further than our Excelerated Staff Program.

Advanced Practice Staffing

We offer a range of cost-effective staffing solutions for your facility.

Nurse Bridge Job Action Solution

Learn how Nurse Bridge, Medical Solution’s strike division, can help find replacement healthcare workers for your facility.

“Travel nursing is a great way to learn about yourself personally, challenge yourself professionally, all while exploring and experiencing the big, beautiful world we live in.”
-Kenzie B.

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