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On the Road VideosSee all the latest and greatest videos we’ve produced. On our YouTube channel you will find all the videos we’ve ever made; everything from housing tips to traveling with your pets. You’ll also see videos we’ve made around the office just for fun.

Take a few minutes and watch some videos to give you a good idea of what we’re all about at Medical Solutions.

Traveler Videos

On the Road VideosIt’s one thing to hear us tout our great jobs and services we provide all of travelers but it definitely has more meaning when it comes straight from those out there on the road experiencing it firsthand. That’s why we believe we should share with you the many different stories our travelers have to tell.

Though it would be great to visit each and every one of our travelers in the many wonderful locations across the United States – it could get rather expensive. So what we do instead is send our handy little video camera to our travelers and ask them to do a little show and tell. What story will you tell?

Housing Videos

Housing Video SeriesOur housing experts Jill and Kim know the needs of travel nurses like you. We understand that caring for others all day is stressful and that’s why we believe it’s important to provide you with housing that is relaxing and comfortable – a place where you can go to unwind, a place you can call home for the next thirteen weeks.

Watch as they discuss the many different facets to think about when securing housing for your next assignment. With so many options to consider it’s best to get the facts first, then decide where and how you want to live while working.

Pet Videos

Medical Solutions Pet VideosAt Medical Solutions we love our pets just as much as our travelers do and we know how much it would mean to be able to bring them along on assignments. For some, pets are like their children and they would never consider going anywhere without them, and we would never want our travelers to be without those they love while on assignment.

Traveling with a pet does add some extra challenges to your journey but having your pet with you gives you someone to share the journey with and what a journey it will be with them in tow. Watch these videos to learn important tips on how to help your pets adapt to their new surroundings and make the trip(s) with little or no incidents.


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