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Nurses Week Scholarship

The Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarship offers three $1000 scholarships and is funded by Medical Solutions and its Traveling Nurses in honor of Nurses Week. It is intended to provide scholarship support for nursing students with demonstrated financial need and to help develop the world’s next generation of nurse leaders and educators. The scholarship was endowed for nursing to help those students in need of financial assistance and to combat the growing nursing shortage.

No more submissions accepted at this time. Last date for entries was June 4, 2012 @ 11:45pm.

To be eligible applicants must meet the following criteria:

• Complete 250 word essay answering, “What do you feel are the most important components needed for quality nursing care?” by June 6, 2013

• Students must be enrolled full-time, in good academic standing with a GPA of 2.75 or better, or continuing their education at an accredited institution (college, junior or community college, or technical school).

• Students will be asked to provide a list of community services performed or involved in during the last four years if awarded scholarship.

• Applicants must submit a copy of an acceptance letter from the two year or four year accredited college, university or vocational institution if awarded scholarship.

• U.S. citizens and students with an Alien Registration number currently enrolled in state-approved schools of nursing or pre-nursing in associate degree, baccalaureate, diploma, generic doctorate, and generic master’s programs. Funds are not available for graduate study unless it is for a first degree in nursing.


• Three (3) $1000 (one-thousand dollar) scholarships awarded for undergraduate study (funds are not available for graduate study unless it is for a first degree in nursing). Awards are a one-time payment and not to be considered a renewal for any future scholarship awarding.

Selection Process:

• Nurses of Tomorrow Scholarships are administered entirely by Medical Solutions L.L.C.. Final selection of recipients is made through collaboration with a judging panel comprised of current Medical Solutions’ Travel Nurse’s and internal employees. Medical Solutions will determine and announce scholarship recipients shortly after June 6, 2013.

• Winners should receive awarded scholarships on or around June 14, 2013. Medical Solutions will mail to the scholarship recipient’s home address an award check for the amount of $1000. Checks are made payable to the scholarship recipient’s school of choice.


• Recipients have no obligations to Medical Solutions L.L.C.. They must, however, supply Medical Solutions L.L.C. with official high school or college transcripts and notify Medical Solutions of change in address, school enrollment or other relevant information. Except as described above, no obligation is assumed by Medical Solutions L.L.C..

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