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Are you a student interested in becoming a Travel Nurse,
but still need more info?

Ask us any questions you may have about Travel Nursing, and we'll be happy to email you back an answer. You may want to read through the FAQ's below, as your question may be answered there.


Ask us a question about Travel Nursing! We'll email you back the answer.



Travel Nursing FAQs for Students

What are the benefits of Travel Nursing?

Where do we start? As a Travel Nurse you get to essentially travel the country while being paid to do your job. You can:

  • Visit and explore areas you're interested in. (You can even sort of “try on ” hospitals/cities, for if you're ever ready to go perm.)
  • Get great pay and benefits.
  • Have adventures nationwide and experience tons of environmental variety.
  • Serve patients where your help is truly needed.
  • Build your skills and resume — Travel Nursing looks great to future employers.
  • Experience a variety of hospital protocols and patient segments, making you a stronger nurse.
  • Avoid hospital politics.

What qualifications are needed for Travel Nursing?

You need to be a licensed RN, having passed the NCLEX exam, and also have 1-2 years recent hospital experience.

Why do I need the 1-2 years clinical experience to start Travel Nursing — and do I really need it?

It's tough to hear when you're anxious to begin traveling, but, yes — having the necessary experience under your belt is totally important.

As a Travel Nurse you will be expected to adapt to each new facility quickly and with little orientation. As you learn the ropes of new co-workers, surroundings, systems, and other foreign factors, it is absolutely crucial that your clinical skills are 100% on point. It's worth it to your sanity and professional reputation (and license!) to wait until you've gotten a chance to master nursing prior to getting out there and mastering Travel Nursing. Trust us, this is definitely a “good things come to those who wait ”-type situation.


What can I do to prepare while I gain the necessary qualifications and experience?

As a student or recent grad you may not want to hear this: Do your homework. Not that kind of homework! Learning everything you can about the Travel Nursing industry will help you prepare in the meantime. Read Travel Nursing blogs, check out industry resources, and investigate companies. As you get closer you can even find a recruiter and begin to build a relationship so that person knows exactly what you want when the time comes. You should also make sure you get any necessary licenses and certifications in place.


How long will I be at each assignment?

The standard Travel Nursing contract is 13 weeks, although they can definitely vary in length anywhere from 4-26 weeks. You may also be in a position to extend your assignment (usually for another 13 weeks), depending upon the facility's needs.


Where will I live on assignment?

You have two options when it comes to housing

  1. Take company housing, which means we work to find you paid, private housing and take care of setting everything up, from furniture to utilities.
  2. Find your own housing and receive a housing stipend in lieu of housing costs.

Experts usually recommend taking company housing on your first assignment, just because you have so many other things to adapt to on your maiden voyage. But, after that, if you have a place to stay with friends or family, or you want to find your own short-term housing, that stipend is just more money in your pocket!


Can I bring my pets? What about my significant other or family?

Yes! And yes! Medical Solutions is proud to be a pet friendly company — we'll even pay your pet deposits. Bringing your pets and/or family along is a fantastic way to share the experience, and we will do everything we can to help make that happen for you.

When I'm ready, how do I get started traveling with Medical Solutions?

You can …

Fill out a fast app on our website.

Visit our Career Consultant pages and contact a member of our team directly.

Give us a ring at 1.866.633.3548! Feel free to also get in touch if you have any questions not addressed here.

“During my Arizona assignment, I hiked to Havasupai Falls and camped at the Indian reservation at the bottom. From there, I hiked down to the Colorado River and back. In all, I covered 36 miles in three days, and it was the most beautiful, serene environment I have ever been in!”
-adrienne o

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