Housing Education Video Series

Watch and learn from our Housing experts as they explain the fine details involved with securing housing on your next Travel Nurse assignment. There’s much to consider before you start your new job and where you’re going to live is right up there. The Housing Education Video series was created to give you an idea of what to expect, whether you accept the paid-private housing from us or you plan on finding your own.

At Medical Solutions you can always expect that we will provide you with housing that is private and fully furnished. Your gas and/or electric will be set up and covered by us too. We reimburse $50 per month for your phone and cable service, a total of $100 monthly, unless provided by the housing unit. Sound like a pretty good deal?

You can relax knowing we focus on quality, safety, security and close locations when choosing your housing facilities. If you decide not to set up your own housing or stay with friends or relatives, you are still eligible for a housing stipend, which is money in the pocket! To get a better feel for our housing team, read this article in Healthcare Traveler.

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