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January 2018

Nominate YOUR Career Consultant for 2017 Recruiter of the Year!

The year 2018 is well underway, but there’s one last matter of 2017 business to attend to — and we need your help to do it! Nominate your Career Consultant for 2017 Recruiter of the Year and help recognize her or she for everything they do to help you build the career of your dreams.

Now through February 5, 2018, we want you to tell us why YOUR Career Consultant is the top dog, the bee’s knees, the cat’s pajamas … the wind beneath your well-traveled wings...

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Clinical Corner: 2018 Flu Season

By now, you’ve no doubt heard that the 2018 flu season has made its way across the entire nation. So far this flu season, the influenza virus has claimed the lives of many Americans of all ages. In fact, this is the first year the flu’s had the same activity at the same time across the entire United States. Currently, the flu season is at its peak and we as nurses and healthcare providers must be diligent in preventing the spread and impact that it has for our patients across the nation. One way to prevent and minimize the chain reaction of events with the flu is to learn as much as possible about it including common myths about the flu, prevention techniques, treatment, and how the flu is spread.

Let’s first dive into how the flu is spread. Influenza can be spread between others from as far as approximately six feet away. It is spread by the droplets made by people when they sneeze, cough, or talk. These droplets can then either land in another’s mouth or nose...

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Roundup River Ranch 2018!

Congrats to this year's Roundup River Ranch Summer Staff Nurses! Learn more about Roundup River Ranch here!


United Healthcare Discounts for Travelers

Health insurance … what a fun topic these days, right?! Maybe not so much, but what is fun is the fact that those who take insurance through Medical Solutions are entitled to get in on several United Healthcare discounts for Travelers!

We offer our Travelers
day one medical insurance through United Healthcare that starts at just $16 per week for a single, basic policy — as well as day one dental and vision benefits. But, like the proverbial cherry on top of that delicious benefits sundae, United Healthcare discounts for Travelers make a good thing even better!..

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As frigid temps persist throughout much of the nation this winter, January’s State Spotlight takes us to amazing Arizona! The Grand Canyon State is a perfect option for Travelers, with its diverse, plentiful natural beauty and warm temps, seasonally driven need for healthcare staff, Traveler-friendly facilities, and an amazing assortment of things to do, see, and experience on your days off. Read on to find out why Travel Nursing in Arizona is a truly grand and unforgettable experience!

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Alegria Shoes Discount!

Whether hard at work or play, Travel Nurses need shoes that go the distance in style! Alegria's patented comfort footbed and vivid, happy-making prints are just the ticket for an adventurer like you, so, as a Medical Solutions newsletter subscriber you can use the code ADVENTURE for 10% off at Happy shopping!


Traveler & Rising Star of the Month

Many thanks and congrats to the November 2017 Traveler of the Month, Judy H., and also our Rising Star winner, Fernanda D.!

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Traveling Pet of the Month

Francis the Bulldog loves two things: traveling with nurse dad, Aaron H., and peanut butter (no jelly or bread needed)

Think your pet should be Traveling Pet of the Month?

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Nurse Licensure Compact Changes FAQs

Medical Solutions put together some handy information on the NLC to eNLC transition to help you navigate these changes!

Read our FAQs about the eNLC!


“Travel Nursing has helped me become a braver person and ziplining through the Redwoods is part of the new me.”
-lauren s

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