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May 2018

Top 7 Spots for Summer Travel Nursing Jobs

Summer’s almost here and that means two things: the livin’ is about to be easy and tons of great Travel Nursing jobs will be at your fingertips!

This fair season means the whole world comes alive from coast to coast, and there’s no better time to spin your compass, pack your bags, take the leap, become a Travel Nurse, and explore the nation.

May we suggest one of these Top 7 Spots for Summer Travel Nursing Jobs as you embark on your next adventure?

Ready, set, go!


Clinical Corner: Differences in Hospitals

Did you know that the total number of hospitals across the U.S. is nearly 5,534? States like California, Florida, and Texas have upwards of 200-300 hospitals in their state alone. Every day Travelers clock in and out at many of the nation’s hospitals, yet every hospital is different. Many misconceptions exist amongst all the different facilities and it is crucial for Travelers to know what these differences are so they can understand the impact that such variances can have on patient care.

One type of hospital that’s often misunderstood is the critical access hospital (CAH), as many healthcare workers don’t realize the limitations these facilities have on the resources that are available for patient care. A critical access hospital is a rural hospital with 25 or less acute care beds. It is also located at least 35 miles from another hospital and the average length of stay for acute care patients is 96 hours or less...

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Congrats, 2018 Nurses Week Winners!

Thank you to all of the amazing Travelers and Nurses who celebrated Nurses Week with us this year! We had 50+ prizes up for grabs over at and — drumroll, please! — here are the lucky winners...

Find out the winners!


This month’s State Spotlight takes us to wonderful Wisconsin! The Badger State is chock full of brilliant career opportunities for Travel Nurses as well as 14,000-plus lakes, rolling hills, exciting cities, unique history, and appreciation for music, food, and beer. Read on to find out why assignments in America’s Dairyland are the big cheese of Travel Nursing gigs!..

Read about Travel Nursing in Wisconsin!



Med Couture Scrub Shop Discount!

For scrubs that stand out with bold colors, prints that pop, and creative necklines, Medical Solutions newsletter subscribers can use the code ADVENTURE for 20% off at Happy shopping!


Traveler & Rising Star of the Month

Many thanks and congrats to the March 2018 Traveler of the Month, Laura L., and also our Rising Star winner, David F.!

Read more about Laura & David!


Traveling Pet of the Month

This flashy dressing Pet of the Month is Kali, the Boxer mix. During her down time while traveling with mom, Karen B., she enjoys snacking on Liver Cookies!

Think your pet should be Traveling Pet of the Month?

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Nurse Licensure Compact Changes FAQs

Medical Solutions put together some handy information on the NLC to eNLC transition to help you navigate these changes!
Read our FAQs about the eNLC!


“On the road trip to our first Travel Nursing job at the University of Washington, we attempted to hit as many national parks as possible, or what we called our 'multi-national park extravaganza.' We saw some of the gems of the country, including Grand Canyon National Park and Petrified Forest National Park, and we look forward to all the adventures Seattle will bring! ”
-sarah c

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