Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula Improves Credential Management, Efficiency

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The Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula (CHOMP) has served the people of Monterey and its surrounding communities since 1934. Nationally recognized for its clinical excellence, the non-profit 205-bed healthcare facility is committed to providing safe, quality patient care. It recently earned the coveted grade “A” in patient safety from the Leapfrog Group. Additionally, the community hospital has consistently earned high employee engagement scores in its annual employee survey.

The Challenge:

For years, Valerie Warren, CHOMP’s senior administrative assistant in the human resources department, coordinated the hospital’s contingent workforce on her own. It wasn’t always an easy task.

“We had 23 different contracts before Medical Solutions, so I got multiple phone calls all day long from various staffing agencies,” says Valerie. “The process was time-consuming and cumbersome.”

As a result of the fragmented hiring process, CHOMP frequently missed opportunities to secure quality candidates. In addition, the human resources department also found it difficult to track the necessary compliance requirements needed with a contingent workforce of more than 60 Travelers.

The Solution:

CHOMP was already a longtime Hospital Client of Medical Solutions. So Valerie and the CHOMP leadership team elected to use the staffing company’s managed service provider, known as Medical Solutions, to help streamline the facility’s contingent workforce processes.

In particular, the managed service provider’s web-based technology platform appealed to CHOMP’s leadership team.

“The MSP Portal really stood out to us,” says Valerie. “It’s great to have all our compliance documents in one place, easily accessible, and up-to-date.”

The user-friendly software allows CHOMP’s human resources team to easily track compliance standards with complete and accurate clinician profiles, contract start and end dates, Traveler headcounts, and customizable financial reports.

“Medical Solutions knows us well, and they know our compliance requirements,” says Valerie.

In fact, the MSP team’s personalized service and attention to detail impressed Valerie from the beginning of the partnership.

“They came out to meet us in person and they took the time to understand our needs,” says Valerie. “It made a huge difference.”

The Result:

With the help of Medical Solutions, the Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula has reduced its administrative complexity, saved hours of staff time, and improved its credential management.

“Thanks to Medical Solutions, the number of phone calls I get has been greatly reduced,” says Valerie. “It’s also nice to have just one point of contact, with one contract and one invoice.”

Valerie added that her MSP Client Manager, Pamela Collins, has gone above and beyond in the name of customer service.

“Pam will interact directly with our Unit Managers which frees up time for me to focus on other projects,” says Valerie.

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Elena Barker is a Blog Author for Medical Solutions.