Tips on Choosing a Staffing Partner

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Ensuring your healthcare organization has the necessary staff to provide quality care is vital to achieving your facility’s goals. To that end, the right staffing partner can help you recruit ideal contingent clinicians for your open positions, control labor costs, and help manage your facility’s risk. If your facility needs the services of a staffing company, you should consider the following questions when choosing a healthcare staffing partner:

  • Can they accommodate your staffing needs? Are you looking for a staffing company with a large network of clinicians to choose from? Or are you looking for a specific specialty to fill? Not all staffing companies are the same, so you want to find a firm that can fit both your current and future staffing needs.
  • How do they recruit and retain talent? It’s no secret that you need healthcare professionals who are well-qualified and a good fit for your organization. However, it might not always be clear how the staffing firm you’re working with screens and hires their employees. So, ask for the details. Do they have a skills checklist? What kinds of questions do they ask during interviews? Can you add your own questions into their interviewing process? It’s also a good idea to consider a staffing company’s compensation and benefits package. If it isn’t competitive, the company has little hope of recruiting the type of talent you need. 
  • Are they a good fit? You need to find a company that shares your facility’s goals and culture because its workforce will become your workforce. So, what’s your overall impression of the staffing company? Are they professional and do they follow through on their promises? Ask the company for client references and research their reputation online. To get a better sense of the partnership and if it would be a good mutual fit, you should also ask representatives of the company to visit your facility so they can directly meet your leadership team and learn more about the jobs that need to be filled.

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