Cheers to the Medical Solutions Clinical Team!

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At Medical Solutions, Nurses Week is the highlight of our year. And while Nurses Week just wrapped up, we’re still in a festive mood. So, we’d like to take a moment to appreciate the hard work our internal team of registered nurses does every day. This dedicated group, officially known as the Clinical Team, works behind the scenes for our Travelers, our hospital partners, and even our internal employees. Here’s just a quick snapshot of all that they do:

Interview Champions

Medical Solutions’ Clinical Team can accelerate your facility’s hiring process. They’ll help you find top candidates, reduce your time-to-fill rates, increase your retention rates, and enhance your continuity of care. They’re able to do all this because they personally meet with our hospital partners to create detailed hiring profiles which include your facility’s cultural values and technical job requirements. Based on these preferences, the team will work on your behalf to pre-screen, interview, and recommend ideal candidates for your facility. Once the hiring process is complete, our Clinical Team will also remain available to your facility as a resource throughout your contract.

Nurse Mentors

The Medical Solutions Clinical Team has been there and done that. Together, these healthcare professionals have more than 100 years of experience in nursing, and the team’s wealth of knowledge is a great resource for our Travelers. They can ask our internal RNs for professional career advice and use them as a reliable sounding board when life gets stressful. In short, the Clinical Team is a group of friendly nurse mentors.

Trusted Colleagues

In addition to being interview champs and nurse mentors, the Clinical Team also helps keep Medical Solutions’ internal employees healthy. Should a health issue come up, they are always on hand and ready to offer medical advice to their co-workers. For example, they’ll gladly look at various lumps, bumps, and sprained ankles. They’ll also kindly let you know when it’s time to call the doctor for either yourself or your sick kids.

At Medical Solutions, the work these healthcare professionals do does not go unnoticed or unappreciated. The Clinical Team is the foundation of our company’s mission. They help connect caregivers to the people who need them most, provide career advice to our Travelers when necessary, and support their co-workers in every possible way. For these reasons and so many more, we are incredibly grateful to our Clinical Team!