Clinical Corner: Travel Nurse Guide to CEU Sites

Clinical Corner

Nurse continuing education units
Don’t let CEUs give you the blues! Check out these five great CEU sites — including one that’s free for Medical Solutions Travelers
By Chris Vinton, Medical Solutions Quality Assurance Specialist

Continuing Education Units (CEUs) — you know them and you probably don’t love them. CEU requirements vary from state to state, though most states require nurses qualify a certain amount of CEU hours every year. Because this affects so many of our Travel Nurses, I tried to find the best CEU websites and the most up to date information for state CEU requirements.

There are literally hundreds of CEU websites that I found while researching this blog. Some of them are great and some of them are a little suspect, in my opinion. That’s why it’s so crucial to understand which CEU sites are legit and offer good information and solid CEUs. After my sleepless nights of thorough research and asking our internal Clinical Nurse Managers which websites they typically use for CEUs, I came up with this handy list featuring the five best websites with both free and paid CEUs.

This website features a few free CEUs and a staggering amount of paid CEUs. They also have a subscription service where you pay $50 a year for unlimited access to all their nursing CEUs. The website also features up to date information on state requirements for CEUs.

When I asked our internal nurses for their preferences, the ANA was the most mentioned CEU website. The site has a handy feature where you can search all of their CEUs by subject, format, and price. It makes finding specific CEUs very easy!

CEUfast features quite a few free CEUS. It is also nice because it does not require you to sign up on the website, I accidently got into a course about ABG interpretation after clicking around a bit. They also offer a subscription service for only $30 a year.

I particularly like this website. It organizes CEUs by state and shows you the most popular CEUs by state as well. I couldn’t find any free CEUs on this site, however. It also shows the state requirements for CEUs for each state, which is very helpful!

This is purely a subscription-based CEU website. For only $30 dollars you get access to a plethora of CEUs. The best thing about is that Medical Solutions will pay for a whole year subscription while you’re working for us! So they are truly free CEUs!

CEUs are a great way to increase your knowledge base about the healthcare field. So don’t be afraid to take some courses that are outside your skillset! CEUs are just one of the many ways to improve yourself as a nurse.

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