How an MSP Can Help Reduce Busy Work, Increase Patient Work


With the enduring pandemic and continued labor shortage, more nurse managers and staff leaders are taking shifts and caring for patients until they can hire more clinical staff for their units.

With a focus on hiring, many healthcare leaders and hiring managers have unfortunately discovered an inefficient hiring process that accomplishes the exact opposite of what they wanted. Inefficient hiring takes precious time from nurse managers and directs it to administrative tasks like communicating with multiple staffing agencies, interviewing, managing compliance, and invoicing. Their time is better spent on patient care.

As a managed services provider (MSP), Medical Solutions can help find and manage the clinical help you need, while reducing administrative burden. Our large affiliate network helps find the right candidates for open roles, and our service assists leaders with consultation and candidate screening to invoicing and performance evaluations.

The simplest way to get started is to think about who is handling the various administrative hiring tasks and how much time they spend doing them. In a few minutes, you can complete this Hiring Efficiency Scorecard, and calculate the total time taken by your current staffing process. It helps you start to see where to find the costly time leaks. From there, you’ll see how an MSP can help simplify your hiring process by handling your administrative tasks so your clinical leaders’ time can be spent on patients where it belongs.

Download your complimentary scorecard today.

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