Pandemic Lessons to Apply in 2021


Driven by the Delta variant, the COVID-19 pandemic has surged in communities and hospitals nationwide. Case counts and hospitalizations are up significantly, following a summer when they had been reduced. The return of these conditions places renewed strain on healthcare systems and hospitals. Once again, resources – particularly people – appear to be stressed to their limits.

If there’s a silver lining in this challenging time, it’s that leaders can call on their past experience and success. This isn’t entirely new. From improving safety and increasing efficiency to addressing new challenges and improving culture, here are five lessons that still apply.

Reflect on the Beginning

Sometimes looking backward can help chart a new course forward. We shared this reflection. It covered the importance of a rapid response and the success that can come from widening the pipeline of candidates with a managed services program.

Improve Hiring Efficiency

In times of great pressure, sometimes the answer is to move faster. But how can you do that? In November of 2020, we examined the need for speed with this blog. It outlined ways to make hiring more efficient and improve staff continuity with quick extensions.

Emphasize Nurse Safety and Honor Their Effort

The pandemic created new protocols and best practices for clinician safety. As it continues, we consider those lessons learned. In March, a blog covered the importance of safety and the need to adequately recognize and honor the efforts of nurses and staff.

Navigate New Challenges

This past year has taught us a lot about addressing emerging challenges. Change is the constant. We shared these tips on how to navigate changes and reduce the negative effect on patient outcomes.

Improve Culture to Reduce Fatigue

With burnout comes fatigue, and fatigue can lead to turnover. In June, a blog addressed how managers and leaders can reduce fatigue by improving their workplace culture. This may help stem the tide of potential retirements or job changes.

The future remains unknown. As healthcare systems seek to find their “new normal” in the pandemic, leaders can draw on lessons learned to help improve both the conditions for staff and the care for patients.

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