Revisiting and Restarting 2020 Projects In 2021


“The key is not to prioritize what is on your schedule but to schedule your priorities.” – Stephen Covey

As I write this, 2021 will be nearly 20% over. It’s also roughly the anniversary of when the pandemic became very real for many Americans.

The last 12 months has been like nothing anyone could have expected in the healthcare industry. With hope for the pandemic’s end on the horizon, it may be the right time to renew efforts on projects that were postponed in 2020.

Many of us started 2020 with plans, projects, and goals that we wanted to achieve over the course of year. The COVID-19 pandemic happened, and everyone’s plans changed literally overnight. We went from planning numerous improvement goals, both personal and professional, to an environment where we could only take life one day at a time. Now we have an opportunity to re-prioritize work and life.

At work, it is easy to become led every day by your email and meetings on your calendar. Do not allow your current calendar to dictate the course for your hospital’s priorities. Here are a few priorities you may want to consider moving to the top of your “to do” list:

  • Price Transparency Act – Was your organization able to meet the January 1st, 2021 deadline?  Are you prepared for the CMS audit?  If not, here are more details:
  • Healthcare staffing partnerships – Early in 2020 many hospitals entered into new, unforeseen healthcare staffing partnerships. Have you been able to review those partnerships to make sure they are the right fit?
  • Workforce Optimization – Has your organization been able to find a partner to help analyze your current temporary workforce to provide a workforce optimization plan that meets your facility’s budget?
  • Cyber Security – Has your organization taken the time to evaluate the level of cyber-security needed in today’s environment? 

Here are a few other items to think about when forming your priorities for 2021:

  • Take a moment to look at your daily routines and identify where you are spending all your time.  Which tasks take up the most time?
  • Reflect on the projects you wanted to complete in 2020 and see if any of those are applicable now. 
  • Create a detailed list of all the tasks you would like to complete.
  • Decide which projects and tasks are “must do” items and which would simply be good to complete. 
  • After identifying the “must do” tasks, evaluate which of those projects could provide the greatest impact, through expending the least number of resources.
  • If there are large projects, then consult with experts to find the best path forward.
  • After you have identified your list of priorities, set a timeframe for you to complete the project.
  • Execute! 

There is no question that everyone is busier now than ever before. In healthcare, being busy has always been and will remain the status quo. The above-mentioned projects can be immense focuses in healthcare for 2021.

These are all high priority projects that should rise to the top of every healthcare organization’s “to do” list.  Don’t miss your chance to re-focus your priorities. Seek out experts and begin those projects as soon as possible.

Shawn Roeber

Shawn has almost 20 years of experience with contingent labor staffing. He has a robust background from working with two of the largest temporary workforce solutions organizations. These organizations have afforded him the opportunity to both grow and share his expertise on a consistent basis in recruitment, client-facing relations, managed-service relations, and leadership opportunities. Shawn has a passion for building relationships within his organization and healthcare facility partners through a consultative approach, which leads to high levels of trust and a commitment to quality in the services provided by Medical Solutions. His commitment to quality has been solidified with his past experience as the leader of an internal quality review board committee.  Shawn obtained his BA in Business from Bellevue University.  He is continuing his personal and professional growth, as he works toward his Master’s degree in Healthcare Administration.

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