Self-Care for Healthcare Leaders and HR Professionals: More Efficient Hiring and Onboarding


The pandemic has taken its toll on everyone. Leaders and HR professionals involved in healthcare hiring have endured a stress-induced headache for more than a year, as a tight labor market turned into an urgent and persistent shortage.

So, what’s the prescription for this headache? Start with some serious self-care. But it can’t just be pain relievers, rest, or a spa day. The right self-care starts with finding a partner to lighten the hiring load and reduce stress. Consider the benefits of a total workforce solution.

The Continual Hiring Boom

Hiring has been urgent for nearly two years, and it doesn’t appear to be slowing down now. A report from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the healthcare industry added 56,700 jobs in June, up considerably from the 28,300 added in May. Looking at the trend, the industry has not yet returned to pre-pandemic levels, as it’s still down a little more than 1% (about 175,000 jobs) from February 2020.

Put simply, the healthcare labor market remains tight, and it likely will for some time. As the battle for talent continues, what can you do to make it easier and faster to find, attract, and onboard quality nurses and other clinicians? With professional help at all phases of the hiring and onboarding processes, a total workforce solution can help your health system attract and keep the right clinicians, and your HR pros can stop pulling their hair out.

A Better Candidate Pipeline

Relieving hiring stress starts with a massive amount of recruiting help that results in a bigger pipeline of candidates. When you engage with a total workforce solution, you get recruiting help from coast-to-coast and can stop fielding a trickle of local candidates.

Medical Solutions leverages hundreds of our recruiters as well hundreds more from our affiliated partner agencies to cast the widest possible net for talent. That expanded reach can pay off in properly placed clinicians, providing care to your patients.

The Need for Speed

Few things are as infuriating in hiring as when you attract a candidate, only to lose them before you can make an offer, or they can accept the offer. All the recruiting in the world won’t help if you lose people because getting them on board takes too long.

Want to avoid what we sometimes call this “leaky talent bucket”? Then accelerate the time it takes from pre-screening to offer. Medical Solutions accomplishes this by including live, clinician-to-clinician pre-screening interviews. Our compliance professionals also help streamline and expedite hiring.

What About Quality?

Patient care always comes first. The right partner isn’t just committed to hiring clinicians, but also shares your mission to provide the best quality care to patients.

Medical Solutions’ clinical team of talented and experience nurses screen our travelers. They not only consider their clinical experience and expertise, but also screen them for the right cultural fit within a hospital, unit, or community. That clinical team can remain a partner to your management staff and help address any issues that may come up with a traveler, too.

We know the best traveling clinicians can fit and stick. The proof? Medical Solutions travelers complete their assignments at a 95% rate. Further, 97% of managers rate our travelers as re-hirable.

Keep it Simple

Best of all, working with a workforce solution doesn’t have to create headaches for your hiring managers and HR leaders. Isn’t that the point? With Medical Solutions’ managed services provider (MSP) program you get one consistent and reliable point of contact – a partner in both your hiring strategy and tactics, as well as timely progress updates and tracking. You don’t have to manage an army of recruiters and other vendors. We do that for you. Oh, and your partners in accounting or fulfillment get the simplicity of a single invoice.

If you’re curious about how Medical Solutions can help you expedite hiring and relieve HR stress and pressure, then you owe it to yourself to start a conversation with our team of experts. It’s the right self-care for hiring leaders.

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