Stepping Up to Build the Bench


FocusOne Solutions, a Medical Solutions company, works extensively with a large post-acute healthcare provider with more than 100 locations in 24 states, primarily filling clinical roles in their facilities. When a need arose to fill critical interim administrative leadership positions like Interim DON, Interim Case Manager, and Interim MDS Coordinator, the client gave FocusOne the chance to further engrain the relationship.

The client previously had an exclusive relationship they had for filling these roles. Seeking more results, they asked FocusOne to address their ongoing need. FocusOne stepped up with a clear strategy and a trusted internal partner, Aureus Group, to develop a reliable pipeline of qualified leadership candidates.

The Recruitment Strategy

Build the Bench

The FocusOne team took their knowledge of the client’s operation and turned to Aureus Group for assistance finding the right leadership candidates. Collectively, they developed a crystal-clear view of both the role and the kind of talent needed to fill it. These interim leadership roles needed to be filled immediately and continually to prevent facilities from having any shutdowns or interruptions in care.

With the staffing need being nationwide and continuous, the strategy became obvious: build a strong bench of qualified and pre-screened leadership professionals who would be ready when called upon. This was especially valuable when a candidate could complete multiple assignments at different locations.

This strategy required FocusOne to listen and adapt to the client’s operational needs. It was not enough to fill an opening. Building the proper talent bench meant continually recruiting for the role, even after a quality candidate was found.


Trusting Partnership in Both Directions

The strategy to build a ready bench of candidates required maximum efficacy. Few things improve the speed of an operation more than trust. FocusOne had trusting relationships in both directions – with their client, and with Aureus Group.

The client’s trust in FocusOne was built on years of the MSP effectively filling their clinical roles. They are familiar to the client, both operationally and personally. Based on their established track record, the client looked to FocusOne could help fill administrative leadership openings, especially with the addition of Aureus Group.

With a standard job description in place, Aureus Group went to work finding, screening, and qualifying candidates who matched the role. The teams at FocusOne and Aureus Group communicated about new openings for the client daily. They collaborated on the opening details and the candidates available to know which candidates could fit and which ones wouldn’t. This seamless internal partnership created a rapid response and fast fill rates for the client.


A Pipeline of Candidates Ready to Go

Through the partnership with Aureus Group, FocusOne filled critical administrative leadership positions for the client’s post-acute facilities, in addition to the clinical roles they had been filling for years. The bench of qualified and ready-to-go candidates keeps growing. Right now, there are nearly 40 candidates ready when the client needs them, and dozens more are in the pipeline to be considered and qualified.

This is the start of a fruitful and effective arrangement. With pre-screened, qualified candidates standing by, this post-acute healthcare provider does not have to worry about lacking the administrative leadership it needs to operate. Patient care continues uninterrupted. Once a candidate has completed an assignment for the client, their training and work makes it easier for them to move into another assignment later. The trust and momentum keep growing.


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