Understanding the Increasing Demand for Oncology Nurses


The demand among Medical Solutions clients for oncology nurses is trending up dramatically during 2021. While the need for these nurses had been fairly steady since December 2020, there’s been a more than 100% increase in demand this spring and summer.

This is especially true at many of the larger hospitals and healthcare facilities we serve. It’s unique, as many of our clients usually don’t request clinicians who have an oncology specialty. They typically seek Med/Surg RNs with oncology experience.

Why the uptick in oncology demand? It’s not just the increase in cancer diagnosis, but it could be attributed to postponed cancer screenings as well. Some recent studies show that Americans may have delayed routine medical treatment (such as screenings) due to COVID-19 pandemic concerns. So, instead of catching cancer in the early stages, they’re now discovering it at stage 3 or 4. Specialty nurses are needed to meet this demand.

Medical Solutions is rising to our clients’ needs for oncology nurses as well as other clinicians. With more than 12,000 travelers annually, our total workforce solution can address this sort of critical demand, and our human-first approach to service helps to ensure the right fit for our clients.

It’s unlikely that this post-pandemic effect is limited to cancer diagnoses. As Americans return to accessing medical care, there can be increased demand in other areas as well. Delayed treatment of chronic conditions can have a major impact on your staffing needs. Partnering with the right healthcare staffing firm can help you develop a better understanding of your needs, both now and in the near future.

Connect with Medical Solutions today to see how we can best address your organization’s needs.

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