Your Unknown Impact on Others

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“If only you could sense how important you are to the lives of those you meet: how important you can be to people you may never even dream of. There is something of yourself that you leave at every meeting with another person.”
– Fred Rodgers 

Humans need each other. We need each other for love. We need each other for emotional support. We need to be cared for when we are sick. We need a simple hello, a smile, a wave or a hug. The list could be almost unending. 

Why is this important? Why is someone from a healthcare staffing company writing about what humanity needs? Because Medical Solutions sends traveling nurses across this nation to care for sick people. And out of all the lessons this pandemic is teaching us, this may be the single most important one. Right now, today, as a society, we need to be there for one another. 

It isn’t easy. As the pandemic continues, we are forced to stay home away from our escapes, and continue to live in relative seclusion, as others stay out in the world trying to save lives. We need to remember the words of Fred Rodgers and find ways to connect. People are dealing with loss. They are dealing with the inability to escape through their normal outlets. They are missing a friendly meeting for lunch, a hug from a friend or a simple smile walking across the street.

Medical Solutions maintains three core values: Connect, Wow and Own It! We believe in these things not just with our client partners and traveling team members, but with our internal family. As the world deals with the pandemic and now the residual effects, mental health, we lean on each other even more. We must find ways to connect, we must make impacts on each other’s lives with wow moments, and we must own the responsibility of being there for one another.

Through a simple gesture or with something bigger, we can be the most important person in someone else’s lives for a moment, a week, a year or even forever. We believe in doing that for our partners who bring patient care to communities every day. 

Leave something with someone else today. You may not know just how important it was to the person on the other side, and how big of a positive impact you can make in their life.

Jacob Hammans

Jacob joined Medical Solutions in 2008 as a client manager and moved into a leadership role as a business development executive manager in 2013. He uses his considerable healthcare staffing experience to coach, motivate, strategize, and collaborate with his team members, while helping their current and future client partners to connect care throughout the United States. He enjoys working at Medical Solutions because he has the opportunity to work with a group of passionate and dedicated colleagues who make an impact on helping their client partners in their communities. Jacob earned his BA in Marketing from Iowa State University.

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