How long can I expect to work as a travel nurse?

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I am a second-career nurse — before nursing I was in airfreight sales. I am 63 years old I look younger than my years (or so I am told many times) I am in great shape physically I have been a travel nurse for three years and so far the majority of my assignments last nine months. I mostly get PCU, Med-Surg, Telemetry assignments. How long can I expect to work as a travel nurse? 

Ask a Travel Nurse Answer:

Hey Patricia, has someone given you an expiration date? 😉

I imagine that you can do this as long as you wish. With baby boomers retiring and then consequently needing healthcare, I see no end to the shortage of nurses needed throughout the country. As long as you are able to meet the physical dem and s of the position, I have never heard from any travelers that they were declined an assignment with age as a possible factor.

Besides, if you look younger, keep telling them you’re in your fifties; I doubt anyone would even catch it!


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