How Long Do Travel Nurses Stay in One Place?

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By Sarah Wengert

If you’re a new or aspiring traveler, you’ve probably wondered about the length of travel nursing assignments. Are travel nurses constantly on the go, or can they unpack and stay awhile? What is “awhile” anyway?

Travel nursing jobs vary in length, and that variance depends on each facility’s staffing need. When choosing the right assignment length to fit their own needs, travelers should consider things like original contract length, the possibility of extending an assignment, and other such factors that will be unique to them.

How Long Do Travel Nurses Stay in One Place?

Most travel nursing assignments last 13 weeks — but they can come in many other lengths. Other common travel nurse assignment lengths include 8, 4, or even 1-2 weeks on the shorter side. On the longer side, sometimes travel jobs last 20 or even 26 weeks.

Again, the duration of your travel nursing job depends on the facility that’s contracted you and their staffing needs. So, some assignments may last for a totally irregular time span, if that’s what the facility needs. Ultimately, a travel nurse can stay in one place as long as the facility needs them and agrees to rehire them. And, of course, as long as a traveler agrees to stay in that facility/location!

That brings us to the next important thing to know about how long travel nurses stay in one location: Travel nursing assignment extensions!

Can You Extend Your Travel Nurse Assignment?

Yes, you can extend your travel nurse assignment if both you and the facility agree to an extension.

Many facilities like to extend a travel nursing assignment when they still have the staffing need and are happy and familiar with a traveler. Many travelers like to extend their assignment when they’re happy with the facility and location.

When it works for both a facility and a traveler, travel nurse assignment extensions provide a smooth transition into a longer-term arrangement for both parties!

We hope this helps you better understand how long travel nurses stay in one place! Remember that you can always ask your recruiter for a specific length of assignment if that’s what you need. You might not be able to choose your exact travel nurse assignment length, but, just as you might request a specific location for your next job, it never hurts to ask and have your recruiter looking out for you and your unique needs. A good recruiter will always do their best to get as close as possible to your request from the current pool of available travel nursing assignments — so make sure you openly communicate your needs to them.

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