Make the Most Out of Your Travel Assignment: 7 Tips for Exploring a New City

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Your contract is signed, you’ve settled into your place, and you’re acquainted with your facility—now you’re ready to explore your new city and experience all that it has to offer! Being able to go on adventures in different cities while doing what you love is one of the many benefits to travel nursing.

Every place has unique things to see and try, and sometimes you might not know where to start. Here are seven tips to help you make the most out of your travel assignment, whether you’re going on a solo journey or have a travel buddy!

Join a Facebook Group

Facebook is full of groups you can be a part of to get the low down on everything exciting in your new location. You can join a city’s food enthusiast group, a group for travel nurses, or connect with other nurses through Medical Solutions’ Facebook page. This is also perfect for finding other nurses who are on a travel assignment in the same area as you so you can experience your city together!

Ask the Locals

There’s no better resource for learning about the best rooftops bars, restaurants for takeout, or things to do than people from the area! Reach out to family, friends, or a friend a of friend about where the best hiking trails are; or even ask nurses and other staff at your facility what they like to do on their days off. It can be great way to connect with your coworkers and have people explore with you.

Take a Stroll Through Your New Neighborhood

Going for a walk isn’t just for getting some fresh air or destressing after a shift. It’s also a fantastic way to find your new go-to coffee spot, places to shop, and restaurants near your home away from home. You can time the distance from your place to a bookstore, a fun patio bar, or public transit. When you walk through your neighborhood, it’s easier to get a sense of the environment—not to mention, gives you the opportunity to meet neighbors and potential friends.

Say “Yes” to Something New

Exploring major tourist spots is always a go-to for seeing what your new city has to offer, but sometimes the most fun things to experience don’t show up on a city map! Websites like Hidden or Eventbrite will help you find events and places that are unique to your temporary home. You can find anything from themed brunches, festivals, 5Ks, bar crawls, and so much more.

Download Local Apps

Whether you need to find the closest train or a grocery delivery service, apps can make learning about your new city a breeze! One thing that’s helpful to getting to know your city better is researching what apps are most used. You can use Yelp and Untappd to get a feel for local hot spots for food and drinks and make a list of must-try places before you take on your next assignment.

Embrace Your Hobby

If there’s a hobby that brings you joy or something you love, turn it into an opportunity to see what all is out there. Maybe your favorite music artist is traveling to the area or there’s a local festival for your favorite food. If you enjoy golfing, find a free course to play; or take a dancing or cooking class at a community center. Doing something that you’ve always enjoyed can be the first step in discovering new things to love.


While nurses already do so much for our communities, volunteering is another way to fully take in your city and give back to an organization or cause that’s close to your heart. Many nonprofits, such as Boys & Girls Club of America and Habitat for Humanity, have chapters spread out across the nation for you to volunteer wherever you’re located. You can also research local shelters or animal rescues to see if they need any short-term volunteers.

No matter how you choose to explore your new city—whether alone or with a travel companion—take some time to relax and enjoy your adventure. Planning ahead for your next assignment? Check out some of the best destinations for travel nurse assignments. Or look through our current open jobs—we add new ones every day!

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