Nurse Licensure Compact Updates for July 2021

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The Nurse Licensure Compact (NLC) is always changing, so it’s important for travel nurses to keep updated on the current NLC map! If you’re unfamiliar with the NLC, it allows nurses licensed in compact states with multistate licenses to practice in other participating compact states without having to get additional licenses — so, of course, the NLC is a great thing for travel nurses as they move from assignment to assignment across states.

At Medical Solutions, we have an in-house Licensing Team that helps keep our travelers, recruiters, and placement specialists in the know about the latest NLC changes. Our licensure specialists are an incredible resource and we are so grateful to them!

Changes have been afoot with the NLC and this week our Licensing Team reached out with some helpful updates that we’d also like to share with you. Here are some recent NLC updates (current as of July 9, 2021) and some resources to help you stay up to date as you consider specific travel nursing jobs and the licenses required for each job:

Ohio and Pennsylvania

Both Ohio and Pennsylvania have passed legislation to join the NLC, however neither state has set an implementation date. That means that both states will eventually become part of the Compact, but until their respective implementation dates are set you’ll still need an Ohio license to work an assignment in Ohio and a Pennsylvania license to work an assignment in Pennsylvania. Our Licensing Team will continue to monitor action in these states and update our recruiters when they have more information.


The Green Mountain State is now the 36th jurisdiction to enact the NLC and it will be implemented there in February 1, 2022! This means that for now you’ll still need a Vermont license to work an assignment in Vermont. However, starting on February 1, 2022, Vermont residents will be able to apply for a multistate license and nurses residing in other states who hold a multistate license will be able to begin practicing in Vermont. Our Licensing Team will continue to monitor the situation, providing information and resources for our recruiters so your recruiter can best assist you.

New Jersey and Guam

Both New Jersey and Guam have partially implemented the NLC. That means that nurses who already hold a multistate license in their home state can now use that license to practice in New Jersey and Guam. As for full implementation, both states have yet to announce those dates. That means that nurses residing in New Jersey will not be able to apply for a multistate license until their Board of Nursing creates an application process (exact date is TBD) and nurses residing in Guam will not be able to apply for a multistate license until 2022 (exact date is TBD).

Additional NLC Resources

You can find more info about the NLC here on our website. Your recruiter, with the help of our in-house Licensing Team, will always be able to help you with any licensing questions or questions about the NLC. We also recommend this helpful resource page from the National Council of State Boards of Nursing (NCSBN), which has an NLC map and more info to help guide you. And, if you ever need help with NLC questions or anything else, you can always call our 24-hour Customer Care Line!

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