The Best Reasons to Be a Healthcare Traveler Again

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When you think back to the heart of why you started healthcare traveling, what lights your fire the most? Is it the chance to broaden your clinical knowledge? Enjoy a taste of true work/life balance? Or to wander coast to coast?

Your care journey to date has been as inspiring and unique as you are. Which is why you deserve a rewarding career that helps you reach big goals and achieve lifelong dreams – whatever they may be! Traveling can help get you exactly where you want to be, both in life and location.

It’s time to get back to the heart of it all and remember your “why.” Nursing or allied health traveling can help you:

Move at Your Own Pace

Work 13 weeks and take 4 off. Work 8 weeks, take another 3 off! Traveling lets you conjure up a flexible work lifestyle without sacrificing career security. You can work at your own pace with confidence, knowing your career is still cared for with:

  • Benefits up to 4 Weeks Between Assignments

Traveling literally gives you room to take a step back and breathe! Your day-to-day can be highly stressful and emotionally taxing, which is why it’s important to pencil in some guilt-free “me” time. With Medical Solutions and our sister company, Aureus Medical Group, your benefits are active for up to 4 weeks between assignments.

  • Varying Contract Lengths

Travel contracts are available in all shapes, durations, and sizes, but you choose assignments that best support your needs and goals. Need to be in a specific region at a specific time of the year? Let’s make it happen – search through hundreds of jobs across the country today. Considering the occasional contract for some supplemental income? No problem – your recruiter is here for you anytime you need them. Want the flexibility of travel but need to stay close to home? Hold tight – something exciting is in the works!

Whether it’s per diem, PRN, strike, a 13-week contract, or an extension, you’ll find career freedom in the flexibility of healthcare traveling.

“I hadn’t been home for a major holiday in two years because I was working as a perm staff. But after I started working as a traveler, I got to be home with family for the holidays.” – Mariah T., BSN, RN – Stepdown/PCU

Shake up a Tired Routine

Picture the year ahead: you could spend summer in Seattle, check out Fort Worth in the fall, then beat the winter blues down in Palm Beach. Each new assignment (and everywhere in between!) is a chance to branch out from the same old routine. Most importantly, traveling gives you the flexibility to take breaks when you need to between contracts or arrange to be near loved ones for important events.

So hike that mountain trailhead, follow your inner foodie, or take a day trip with a new friend – traveling helps you try things you might never experience at home.

“I’ve been able to visit some unique locations and stay at places that I otherwise may not have traveled to, like an Airbnb horse ranch in Montana that’s run by adults who have disabilities. It was such a great experience.” – Abigail M., BSN, RN – ER

Invest in Yourself While Helping Communities in Need

Each new assignment is an opportunity to advance your clinical knowledge, learn from other inspiring clinicians, and go where help is needed most. From soft skills, clinical skills, knowledge of protocols, state laws, and so on, everything you learn on assignment adds to your ever-growing list of abilities.

  • Expand Your Skillsets

Challenge yourself to adapt and grow as you work in different facilities and acuity levels, from nonprofits to trauma centers to community hospitals, in both urban and rural settings. Learn new technologies and strengthen your communication skills as you experience firsthand how different healthcare systems function across the country.

  • Help Those in Need

You were called to care for a reason, and traveling helps you find new, rewarding ways to help patients, hospitals, and communities in need. You could be a fresh face for an understaffed, small-town community hospital or much-needed support for first-time travelers in a large unit. You could even provide medical support to kids with serious illnesses at a life-changing summer camp!

  • Advance Your Education

Thinking about pursuing another degree or certification? The flexible nature of travel can help you take those extra steps in your education journey. You have more time to devote to these professional goals and passions without placing your career on hold.

“I was able to complete my practicum while traveling because my recruiter at Medical Solutions always had my back. He was able to find me assignments around Miami for 10 months so I could be near my clinical site.”  – Cindy W., RN – ICU/PACU

Where Will Care Take You Next?

If you’re dreaming of a change of pace but want the flexibility and security of an in-demand career, travel with Medical Solutions! Jobs are available in every corner of the U.S., with new openings added each day. You can quick apply now to connect a member of our team, search jobs here to get a feel of what’s out there, or call 1.866.663.3548 to get in contact today!

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