Travel Nurse Jobs for COVID-19

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Congratulations on making it through a truly challenging 2020, healthcare heroes! While the milestone feels pretty great, we know that the pandemic has still accompanied us into 2021 — bringing with it the continued need to fill travel allied health and travel nurse jobs for COVID-19.

Hardworking, talented travel nurses and travel allied health professionals like you have played a massive role alongside perm healthcare workers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 fight. Collectively, you battled against PPE and staffing shortages to step up and save lives, serve patients, and do whatever you could to help families make crucial virtual connections with their loved ones. And your fight continues.

Along the way, Medical Solutions has recognized some of our own incredible COVID-19 healthcare heroes and tried to provide you with wellness resources to support you during the pandemic. But it’s been YOU and your colleagues who’ve done the hardest work of your lives to help us all through this time.

While no one’s ever deserved a break more than this country’s many amazing healthcare workers, the fight continues in 2021. So many of you have answered the call to take your skills on the road to some of the hardest hit areas of the nation, and that need persists more than ever at the start of this hopeful new year. As we welcomed 2021, COVID-19 cases continued to surge in California, Arizona, Arkansas, and so many other locations where temporary travel healthcare workers can make such a difference in patient outcomes.

If you’re ready to join or remain in the fight we urge you to search our current opportunities for travel allied health and travel nurse jobs for COVID-19. Work with your recruiter or contact our team to find out where your skills are most needed.           

Additionally, with the vaccine rolling out we know that travel allied health professionals and travel nurses will likely have questions about various aspects of vaccine logistics, so our team put together some COVID-19 vaccine FAQs for our travelers.

If you have more questions about vaccines, jobs, or anything at all, please reach out to one of our recruiters. We are here to connect care and help you serve your patients — and we’ll never be able to thank you enough for everything you do in the name of great patient care!   

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