5 Awesome Winter Locations

Travel Nursing Jobs

We’re already deep into the Holiday season (click here to check out Medical Solutions’ Holiday Working Bonus) and colder temps are bearing down on much of the U.S. Winter never used to be my favorite season, but I’ve learned over the years it can actually be pretty great if you just take advantage of the unique seasonal opportunities. For Travel Nurses winter job opportunities are plentiful, as “snowbirds” travel to warmer climates. Besides that, how great is it to have a job that allows you to choose the type of weather you want for winter? So whether you want to soak up the sun or hit the ski slopes, here are 5 awesome winter locations for Travel Nurses.

Lotus at Grand CanyonArizona

The Copper State is one of the best known destinations for anyone trying to shirk winter’s cold temps. As many folks head to Arizona to winter, hospitals and facilities in the state need major backup from Travel Nurses. Besides the benefits of the toasty desert clime resulting very mild winters, Arizona’s home to several great cities that offer sightseeing, sports, and culture. Plus, adventurers can flourish year-round here with the many national forests, parks, and monuments. Winter is actually a great time to visit the Grand Canyon and avoid the monstrous summer crowds. Or, if you decide you do want a little snow in your life, you can always hit up the ski resorts of Flagstaff and Alpine. Click here to check out winter jobs in Arizona.


Many Travel Nurses are eager to make it to the Golden State for winter — which is great because Medical Solutions has A TON of job opportunities currently available. Temperatures in California range from sunny to snowy, so depending upon your desires you can beach it down south or ski up north on your days off. You also have a great variety of city sizes to choose from, whether in the meccas of Los Angeles and San Francisco, or in smaller cities with that nice, California hometown feel. From amazing sports, culture, concerts, shopping, and dining to some of the nation’s best outdoors activities and sights, you can do anything in California. Click here to check out winter jobs in California.

Colorado SkiColorado

On the other hand, if you don’t wish to evade the snow this winter, Colorado is also a great location for jobs. Anchor yourself in or near a nice city hub like Denver or Colorado Springs, where you can check out all the city sights, sounds, and cultural opportunities. On your days off you can lead a double life as a ski bum! From Winter Park to Breckenridge and many choice spots in between, the Centennial State is loaded with opportunities for snow and ski lovers to get out there and embrace winter. Click here to check out winter jobs in Colorado.


One reason why Georgia is on Ray Charles’ mind could be that winter is typically very mild in the Peach State. Whether in the cosmopolitan hub of Atlanta or the more rural southern part of the state, there are great job opportunities for Travel Nurses who would like to spend the season in a warmer area. Excursions could include a trip to historical alpine village, Alpine Helen Georgia — located in the picturesque Blue Ridge Mountains alongside the Chattahoochee River. Or check out Atlanta’s Chick-fil-A Bowl, parade, and other festivities on December 31, or the city Southeastern Flower Show held every February. Click here to check out winter jobs in Georgia.


“The stars at night are big and bright, deep in the heart of Texas — clap-clap!”

They say everything’s bigger in Texas, and that’s definitely true when it comes to travel nursing jobs this winter. There are many opportunities ranging from bustling metropolitan areas like Dallas, Houston, and San Antonio, to smaller towns in Western and Southwestern parts of the state. The Lone Star State is vast so the climate does vary, with warmer temps and less chance for snow the farther south you go. There’s so much going on in Texas that planning trips on your days off will be a blast. For example, plan a trip to the Gulf Coast beaches, ride the state’s longest zipline over beautiful Lake Travis, visit the Alamo, or check out a concert in Austin, the live music capital of the world. Click here to check out winter jobs in Texas.

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