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Georgia Stamp
Medical Solutions’ new state pages will help you learn more about your next potential Travel Nursing location!

There are so many factors that can contribute to a Travel Nurse’s decision to take a job. One of the biggest factors for many Travelers is location, location, location!

The opportunity to explore a new city/state/region while working is one of the very coolest things and most awesome perks of Travel Nursing.

So, where do you want to go adventuring? (Or, should I say, where do you want to go next? Because, another great perk of Travel Nursing is being able to switch up your location often, if you choose.)

Do you want rural adventures or urban accoutrements? Majestic mountains or beautiful beaches? Historic sites or modern attractions?

To help our Travelers make the all-important choice of where to land their next assignment, Medical Solutions is launching a series of state pages. These pages are a great new resource that lend a peek into what a state is all about.

This month’s featured page is a state many folks have on their mind: Georgia!

On the Georgia page you’ll find:

  • Information and photos of popular attractions and culture
  • Fun state facts and stats
  • Data on licensure and in-demand specialties
  • Hot spots for Travel Nurse jobs in Georgia, plus an application to get started

Click here to check out the Georgia state page.

Have you ever worked a Travel Nursing job in Georgia? Share your Peach State experience in the comments.

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