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Brave Video
Thank you, U of M, for representing nursing so well!

Hey everybody, you’ll have to excuse me, I have something in my eye …

I must admit I shed a tear — or 20! — when I watched the University of Minnesota’s Amplatz Children’s Hospital viral YouTube video, “Brave.” Nurses, administrators, and other staff join young patients in lip syncing along to Sara Bareilles’ song “Brave” — a catchy, poppy song with the chorus, “I just wanna see you be brave.”

Watching the joy on the faces of these young, strong kids, as well as the dedication and care apparent from the staff members is truly inspirational. With other, sometimes questionable, portrayals of nurses cluttering up headlines this year, it is fantastic to see a video with such substance and understanding of what nurses do become popular.

In the video staff and patients frolic, get silly, and dance. At one point young patients hold up cards that read, “Be brave,” “Be courageous,” and “Be strong.” Staff and nurses hold up cards that read, “Stay fighting,” “Stay positive,” and “Stay courageous.”

One YouTube commenter wrote, “This was absolutely beautiful … I don’t cry often but this truly inspiring video got me going. God bless those kids and god bless the wonderful nurses and doctors who devote your time and care to making these kids have the best life they can while in this tragic circumstance. Thank you.”

Bareilles surprised some of the video’s masterminds in the middle of an interview with HLN, and she told them, “I was sent this video by a friend of a friend who lives in Minnesota, and I watched it late at night and immediately my eyes welled up. It’s moment like this that reminds me of the importance of music, and I can’t think of a more perfect incarnation of this song. It’s exactly the kind of thing that gives the life to this song that we were hoping for.”

The video comes to a close with more nurses and staff holding up the messages: “Supporting the fighters,” “Admiring the survivors,”  “Honoring the taken,” and “Never ever giving up hope.”

At Medical Solutions we never forget that what we do is help our nurses provide just this kind of inspiring, life-changing care. Thanks, U of M, and thanks to all of our awesomely brave Travelers! Check out the original video and Bareilles’ Skype session below.

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