Congrats to December 2019’s Traveler of the Month and Rising Star!

Travel Nurse Story

Traveler of the Month Jennifer U. is an ER nurse.

Many thanks and congrats to the December 2019 Traveler of the Month, Jennifer U., and also our Rising Star winner, Cassandra K.!

Traveler of the Month Jennifer is an ER RN. She works with Career Consultant Ted Merkin and is on assignment in Iowa. Jennifer, who started traveling in the fall of 2019, is already in love with her current location.

“The staff here has been so kind and helpful,” says Jennifer.

In fact, Jennifer loves the travel nurse lifestyle so much she encourages other nurses to give it a try.

“What I love about traveling is I can take care of my patients, meet new people, and avoid [office] politics,” says Jennifer.

Thank you so much for everything you do, Jennifer!

Rising Star Cassandra K. has been in the healthcare industry since she was 16.

Rising Star Cassandra K. is an ER nurse as well. She’s been an RN for roughly three years now, but she’s been working in the healthcare industry since she was 16. Today, Cassandra is currently on assignment in Pennsylvania and she works with Career Consultant Jon Laubert.

When it comes to travel nursing, she loves the variety that comes with the gig.

“Every facility will do things a little differently,” says Cassandra. “This will make you a better RN, not only in the capacity of your skills, but also in how you navigate patient, physician, and family situations.”

Cassandra also shared a few pearls of wisdom for the new travelers out there.

  1. “Always be kind and smile. You are never too important to be kind!”
  2. “Make sure you are comfortable with your recruiter. You should be able to feel comfortable talking to them, asking questions, and voicing fears or concerns — Jon has pulled me from the edge several times!”
  3. “Don’t be afraid to ask for a certain price point. The worst thing that could happen is they say no.”

Thank you for your great advice and for your inspiring dedication to patient care, Cassandra!

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