Ask a Travel Nurse: Where is the best place for me to look for travel nursing jobs?

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Ask a Travel Nurse Question:

Where is the best place for me to look for travel jobs? The job boards seem to be a bit dried up. What other resources are out there? Bob

Ask a Travel Nurse Answer:

I suppose my first question is where exactly are you looking for jobs and why are you doing it? Please don’t take offense at that question, I’m just not certain about how you are looking for travel positions and it sounds as if you might be doing it in a very uncommon way.

For most travelers, they join a company and a recruiter then looks for a job for them. I always tell people to join at least a few companies (join ten if you want); the more companies you join, the more people you have looking for a job for you (I am currently on file with about six or seven companies).

Again, I’m not certain if I underst and the way you go about this because you mention “you” looking for jobs rather than your “recruiter” looking for jobs. If you do not have recruiters looking for you, then feel free to email me at and I can give you the names of several recruiters I use to help people locate assignments.

This is the way that is familiar to me and the way that has worked for me for over fifteen years. Please let me know if I am not underst and ing you correctly.

Thanks Bob.


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