Clinical Corner:Healthcare Staff Falls

Advice for healthcare travelers

Recently, we have received several reports of our healthcare staff having slips, trips and/or falls. It is important to ensure you are taking care of yourself, so you can in turn take care of your patients. Per the CDC’s website the following are the top hazards to healthcare staff:

  1. Fluids on floor
  2. Drains overflowing
  3. Uneven surfaces-indoors
  4. Uneven surfaces-outdoors
  5. Ice/Snow/Rain
  6. Poor lighting
  7. Stairs/lacking handrails
  8. Ladders/stools used to reach items
  9. Cords/tubing
  10. Floor mats not used correctly

It is important to be aware of your surrounding and wear appropriate footwear. If you should have the unfortunate incident of a fall, please make sure you get care for injuries sustained, contact your Career Consultant and complete a report.

For additional information regarding fall prevention please see the following link:

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