How can I financially survive a start date delay?

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Ask a Travel Nurse: How can I financially survive a start date delay?

Ask a Travel Nurse Question:

My start date was just pushed back two weeks and this has messed up my financial situation. Any advice on a company that can get me quick per-diem shifts to supplement these two weeks? I’m in Petaluma, CA and looking for any company that may be able to help this RN out.

Ask a Travel Nurse Answer:

My first question would be, “Have you asked your recruiter about this?” Some agencies have a large umbrella of staffing companies and may also have local staffing under that umbrella.

If not, local staffing/registry will still likely be your only recourse. It’s not fun having to go in and fill out all that paperwork for what may only amount to a few shifts, but if the financial strain is there, it may be your only option. Plus, should you wish to pick up extra while on assignment, and there is no overtime available at your facility, you can work registry.

I enjoy my free time too much, but do recall one Florida assignment where I signed up with local registry. But I may have only picked up a dozen or so shifts with them for the period I was there.

Most companies have you sign a contract stating that you will only work for them while on assignment, but honestly, if they cannot provide you the work, then you have to take care of what you need.

The only other possibility would be the hospital itself, and seeing if they could use you in a float or per diem capacity. But that may be more difficult than hiring on for local registry.

Sorry that there are not a lot of options, but hopefully the aforementioned will help you bridge that gap until you start your assignment.

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