Can an LPN/LVN be a Travel Nurse?

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can an LVP be a travel nurse?Ask a Travel Nurse Question:

I am currently in nursing school pursuing my LVN. I just have one more semester and am continuing to look at all the different opportunities the nursing profession has to offer. My question to you is: Can an LVN be a travel nurse?

Ask a Travel Nurse Answer:

While travel positions are certainly more plentiful for RN’s, there are still opportunities for travel LPN jobs.

Just type in “LPN travel” into any search engine and you should find many hits for companies that offer travel for LPN’s. However, the requirements would be similar in that you will need at least a year of experience to travel.

Become proficient in any skills that you can as an LVN during your first year and take any opportunities for advanced learning or higher certifications that will make you more marketable as a traveler.

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