How a Healthcare Staffing MSP Partner Can Help Boost Efficiency

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Thanks to today’s tight labor market, contingent labor programs are on the rise. Healthcare organizations now have the ability to quickly hire top clinical talent when they need them, and experienced clinicians have the flexibility to work where they want to travel. While this is a win-win situation for almost everyone, it does introduce certain workforce challenges for your facility’s administrative team.

Interviewing, hiring, and onboarding contingent employees can add an avalanche of tasks for your HR team, whose time and resources are already limited. Since these tasks are critical to the successful delivery of quality patient care, healthcare organizations have increasingly begun to outsource them to a healthcare staffing partner. It’s not hard to see why. Consider the following ways an MSP can help boost your facility’s productivity:

Enhance the hiring process and onboarding experience: First impressions matter, especially when your facility is recruiting and hiring new employees. The ongoing war for clinical talent means that only the healthcare organization with the fastest hiring process will win the best clinicians. Likewise, once you’ve found and hired the ideal candidate, you’ll need to fight to retain them. Companies with a strong onboarding process improve new hire retention by 82 percent and productivity by over 70 percent, according to a recent Glassdoor study. In contrast, organizations with weak onboarding programs are more likely to lose these individuals in the first year. 

An MSP partner can help accelerate your hiring process and provide a strong onboarding experience for your new contingent employees. Our team at Medical Solutions gets to know the way your organization works with a clinical-led immersion so that we can truly understand your unique needs—from staffing challenges to cultural considerations. We also utilize a rigorous screening process to ensure potential employees are not only well-qualified for your open positions, but also a strong fit for your company.

Handle all staffing supplier communication: Many healthcare facilities use several staffing partners to fill just one position. While you might think that more vendors are better, this situation merely adds a level of administrative complexity to your workload. With an MSP partner, you can expand your talent acquisition reach while maintaining a single point of contact with your MSP Account Manager. That’s all thanks to Medical Solutions’ affiliate partner network, which harnesses the recruitment power of more than 100 Joint Commission-certified staffing vendors.

Help maintain compliance standards and audit readiness: Hiring contingent employees can be a risky business if you don’t fully understand the ins and outs of healthcare compliance. Fortunately, an MSP partner can help you navigate the confusing world of compliance regulations and keep you ready for a Joint Commission audit. At Medical Solutions, we make compliance management faster and easier by providing our clients with a web-based technology solution, the MSP Portal. This client portal allows you to manage your contingent workforce anytime and on any device. Contingent clinician profiles, compliance stats, facility invoice history, client reporting, and more are all stored in one place. The best part is your team doesn’t have to keep track of these documents. Our Quality Assurance Team does it all for you, so you’ll have access to this information right at your fingertips when you need it.

Provide a seamless timekeeping and billing process: As the industry moves to value-based care, healthcare systems must be able to measure its contingent labor productivity against the cost of providing patient care. To that end, your MSP partner can not only facilitate your organization’s timekeeping process, but they can also streamline your invoice approval and billing process. Our healthcare clients only have one invoice and one point of contact, so your facility’s AR team no longer has to manage dozens of invoices from different staffing suppliers or reconcile discrepancies from previous billing cycles.

Whether you want to outsource your recruitment efforts or streamline the management of your entire contingent workforce, an MSP partner can help you save time. That means you can focus your energy on other important HR functions that can help your healthcare organization grow. To learn more about how Medical Solutions can streamline your contingent labor program today, contact us!

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