Ask a Travel Nurse Housing Expert: How do I find my own housing?

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Ask a Travel Nurse Housing Expert Question:  

Where is the best place to start to secure housing for myself when taking an assignment? I did not “take housing” from my agency and have no clue where I will stay. Sharing housing is much more affordable, but how do you find a short-term roommate?

Ask a Travel Nurse Housing Expert Answer:  

The hospital’s HR usually has some information on rooms for rent and possibly shared housing. They can be a great resource if you want to connect with another Travel Nurse for shared housing. You could also check out Healthcare Travelbook, which is sort of like a Facebook for Travelers; a place where you can connect with others, maybe find a roommate, and crowdsource info.

Another option could be Extended Stay America. They are very affordable and have everything you need without having to share with someone.  Might be something to check in to. The longer you stay the deeper discount you get on the room. Remember these are usually studio sized rooms, so definitely smaller than what you would get in an apartment. Laundry is always onsite, which is nice, and you have a fully equipped kitchen.  But it just really depends on what you are looking for when you travel. There are also personal factors that will affect your needs like if you have pets, location to the hospital, pools, and amenities. Hope that helps.  If you have any more questions please let me know. Otherwise, I would totally check with the hospital and see if they have any leads.

Good luck and enjoy your travel experience!

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