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Now it's even easier and more fun to get to know our awesome team of Career Consultants!
Now it’s even easier and more fun to get to know our awesome team of Career Consultants!

As a Traveler, the relationship you have with your recruiter is a huge factor in successfully building your career. That’s actually why we call our recruiters “Career Consultants” — because these folks are serious about helping launch and develop your career as a traveling healthcare professional.

But, with this being such a super important relationship, how do you find the one?

At many agencies you are randomly assigned to the next recruiter in line. But now at Medical Solutions you can take control of your recruiter search with our Career Consultant profiles. If you are a new Traveler with us and have yet to work with one of our Career Consultants, now you can choose your own adventure and your own recruiter!

Already been paired up with your Medical Solutions recruiter match? Now you can check out his or her profile to get to know your first mate on the Good Ship Travel Nursing even better! At Medical Solutions we promise you a Career Consultant who will remain your single point of contact throughout your adventures and assignments. We understand how important is for you to build that relationship, and never want you to feel bounced around between recruiters.

These pages are chock full of great information on each of our Career Consultants and will let you in on who we are and why we do what we do, with features including:

  • A unique message from each of our Career Consultants, including information on their experience in the industry
  • A brief video introduction from them
  • Testimonials from their Travelers
  • A one-click option to email or call them directly
  • Pictures of them, their families, pets, personal travel adventures, and the like
  • A list of their interests and hobbies

When it comes to finding a travel nurse recruiter, you definitely want to find someone with great reviews who works hard for their Travelers. But how fun is it to also find a Career Consultant who you can trust to help build your career and who shares your love of cooking, or shopping, or camping, or The Cubs?! Or, how awesome is it to add a new level of appreciation to your existing relationship upon discovering that your Career Consultant, whom you already love, is also obsessed with pugs, or Napa Valley, or biking?!

Whether you’re new and want stats, testimonials, and a little personal flair when making your decision, or you’re a vet and just want to fall in love all over again with your Medical Solutions Career Consultant, these pages are a great resource for you.

Click here to get to know our amazing team and/or find your recruiter soul mate. The only hard part for new Travelers will be choosing between so many friendly faces, all with such amazing industry experience!