Medical Solutions Ranks as One of U.S.’ Top Healthcare Staffing Companies

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Travel Nurse gives thumbs up
Thank you to all of our staff and Travelers for helping Medical Solutions continue to grow!

It’s true! And, as if that’s not cool enough, Medical Solutions, the nation’s third-largest Travel Nurse staffing company, was ranked on several recent lists compiled based upon research from Staffing Industry Analysts.

Here are some details on the recent 2014 Staffing Industry Analysts rankings; Medical Solutions was ranked by Staffing Industry Analysts research as:

Medical Solutions is so happy to be growing in the industries of staffing at large, as well as in terms of healthcare staffing and Travel Nurse staffing. Our company absolutely could not continue to grow at this pace — all the while maintaining top-tier quality and amazing culture — without our wonderful Travelers and team of employees!

We want to say a sincere “thank you” to each and every one of you. It’s your hard work that allows us the ability to continue to grow in the right direction each year.

To our internal team, we appreciate all of your hard work, excellent attitudes, and commitment to helping to get our Travelers on track to building the careers they want and deserve in Travel Nursing.

To our amazing battery of Travelers, we are so grateful for your dedication to superior quality patient care, your sense of adventure and love for travel, and your compassion. What you do every day is truly remarkable. You are our heroes.

Here’s to more growth from Medical Solutions in the future — more patients served, more hospitals properly staffed, and more fulfilling careers achieved!

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