Congrats to Medical Solutions’ 2020 Traveler of the Year Winners!

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A special thanks and mega congrats to Medical Solutions’ 2020 Traveler of the Year winners! We’re grateful to partner with so many inspiring travel nurses and travel allied health professionals who answer the call to care, and these winners are some of the best of the best.

2020 Traveler of the Month and Rising Star of the Month Winners

Since 2014, Medical Solutions has recognized a Traveler of the Month (each wins a $100 gift card) and Rising Star of the Month winner (each wins a $50 gift card), culminating in a pool of amazing travelers who then go on to vie for the two annual awards. The two Traveler of the Year winners then each won an additional $500 gift card! Here’s a list of all our 2020 monthly winners:

2020 Traveler of the Month Winners

January — Denise R.

February — Tanya M.

March — Jen L.

April — Cassie B.

May — Brenda C.

June — Jared B.

July — Judith K.

August — Crystal C.

September — Dannon V.

October — Katie S.

November — Ivy K.

December — Jessica B.

2020 Rising Star of the Month Winners

January — Emily A.

February — Catherine S.

March — Susan B.

April — Thad S.

May — Hannah M.

June — Beth M.

July — Michelle N.

August — Rebecca R.

September — Levi A.

October — Erika F.

November — Sarah L.

December — Jenna P.

2020 Traveler of the Year Winners

Without further ado, congrats to our two Traveler of the Year winners, Jen L. and Judith K. Both of you displayed incredible dedication to patient care in an especially tough year to work in the healthcare industry. Thank you for your efforts and congrats!

Jen L. is an ER RN currently on assignment in Gilbert, Arizona. She’s been a nurse since 2010, traveling since 2016, and works with recruiter Shane E. Jen travels with her two cats, Rick James and Bruce Lee, as well as her brother Danny. Danny’s favorite state so far is Tennessee, and while Jen’s got a few favorite locations, one gem in the Pacific Northwest stands out to her.

“Salem, Oregon was so beautiful in the summer and the hospital was amazing,” she says. “Everyone was so friendly, too.”

Jen loves travel nursing because it allows her to meet new people, explore new locations, and see the processes and workings of other hospitals.

“These are experiences that give you perspective and keep you humble,” says Jen. “Travel nursing has been an amazing experience, and I’m certain I never would have had the opportunity to see so many states and sights without travel nursing. I feel like I’ve grown so much professionally and personally on this journey.”

Jen shared these helpful tips for other new or aspiring travel nurses:

  • “Don’t let a tough shift ruin your next shift. We have all had a bad day but just do your best and keep moving.”
  • “Don’t focus on problems with processes at other hospitals. You aren’t there to “fix” anything and you don’t own those problems. In 13 weeks, you will be somewhere else, and those issues will be behind you.”
  • “When you have extra time on your hands, lend a hand to the core staff and check in to see if they need help. In my experience, the help I give comes back to me. Team work really does get it done.”
  • “Enjoy the journey no matter where it takes you. Every new experience is a chance to learn, grow, or be humbled.”

Judith K. started out as a CNA and medication aide from 2000-2003, before earning her nursing degree in 2003. She typically works MDS or DNS but has also done infection prevention and DSD. Judith started travel nursing in April 2014 with the 360 Healthcare staffing branch of the Medical Solutions family and works with recruiter Sheila G.

“When I started traveling, my husband traveled with me in an RV with our yellow lab. We saw lots of beautiful scenery and I have great memories. He passed away in November 2016. Our dog was 12 years old and she went to live with my son until she passed. It was better for her than waiting in a hotel room for me all of the time. And so I continue to travel,” says Judith.

Through all the changes life has brought her and the 25+ facilities she’s traveled to, Judith says her favorite location is Napa, California, where’s she’s currently on assignment.

“It’s a smaller facility, but I was really impressed with how the staff pulled together when COVID hit,” says Judith. “They were so dedicated and caring and worked extra hours to keep our residents safe. We are hopefully over the worst of it now, but I continue to feel blessed to have been a part of their great team.”

Judith says one of the best parts of travel nursing is “meeting new people, seeing new country, and getting a different perspective on healthcare in each area of the country.”

“We all care about our residents, but we all have subtle differences. It is interesting and enlightening,” she says.

Judith shared these helpful tips for other new or aspiring travel nurses:

  • “Expand your horizons and venture outside your comfort zone.”
  • “Don’t be afraid of new ideas and new ways of doing things. That is how we grow.” · “Build a solid relationship with your recruiter. You are a team! Be honest with them about your assignments.”
  • “BE POSITIVE! Every assignment isn’t a dream. But every assignment is an opportunity to meet new people, develop new friendships and give your best care to your new residents.”

Congrats again to Jen, Judith, and all of our 2020 winners! We truly appreciate your efforts and the efforts of all our amazing travelers.

At the close of 2020, we decided to sunset the Traveler of the Month program and redirect those funds to better welcoming and recognizing all of our travelers throughout the year. So, while this is it for these particular recognition efforts, we’ll continue to recognize your excellence, and surprise and delight you along the way.

We also want to continue to share your stories from the road! Are you a Medical Solutions traveler with an incredible travel nurse story to tell or helpful perspective to lend fellow travelers? Contact and share your story.

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