The Heart of Healing: Giving Your All for Care

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By Elle Koris

Growing up, Emma Jensen always had a fascination with the medical field and the science behind it all. After graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing in 2019, she learned that nursing wasn’t just medicine and science—it was about caring for patients to the highest ability in the good days and bad days.

All in the Name of Care

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Since starting her nursing career in 2019, Jensen has been on the frontlines caring for COVID patients in the ICU and traveling as a med surg RN. She’s seen and experienced the toll the pandemic took on nurses and hospitals, and the lasting impact it has made. Her dedication and compassion never wavered through it all—all because her patients needed her.

“Some days get to be very long and difficult but knowing that they are suffering much more than my tired feet keeps me going.”

To Jensen, it’s more than checking on a patient and making sure they are comfortable. It’s about putting yourself in their shoes to truly understand how best to help them.

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“I have always strived to take care of my patients how I would want one of my family members to be cared for,” said Jensen. “Listening to your patient and what their concerns and questions are really helps to show your patient that you are there for them and forms a good bond.”

That extra step of consideration doesn’t just stop once her 12-hour shift is over, either. Even when Jensen is done with her day, she takes the time to stay with a patient’s family to answer all their questions, go over next steps with care, and ensure they have peace of mind after an overwhelming day.

Impacting Patients & Teammates

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Her selflessness and dedication touch not only the lives of those she cares for and their families but also those who get the chance to see her brilliance in action, inspiring her coworker Tamara to nominate her for The DAISY Award.

“I have been working side by side with Emma for over two years now, and I wouldn’t trust another nurse the way I trust her,” said Tamara. “We have worked in codes together, her reactions and skills are quick and top notch, and staff always feel safe and secure to come to her. Just the other day an aide came to her about a patient that wasn’t assigned to her to let her know they were desatting. Emma jumped into action. I followed; watching her in action is amazing. She saved this person’s life!”

No matter who it is or the situation, Jensen shows up to work every day knowing it’s not always going to be an easy day, but she’s going to try her best to be everything patients need in those 12 hours.

Beyond the Bedside

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Jensen’s patients aren’t the only things that are held near and dear to her heart. Her husband, two Australian Shepherds, and family—especially 11 nieces and nephews—are her world. Everything from traveling with them, spending days at the lake, and fishing fills up her cup outside of making a difference in the lives of every patient she meets.

Elle Koris is a content writer for Medical Solutions.

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