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Jennifer Seay

Career Consultant

If you never go, you will never know.

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My goal is truly to help you meet and achieve yours goals! I am not looking to just get you a job somewhere, I’m looking to be part of a team (you & me) where we create trust and an open line of communication in order to help you with your career. I want to help you! I strive for excellence when it comes to giving the best customer experience. I promise you no one out there will work as hard for you as I will! I've been fortunate to have been a part of the Medical Solutions family since 2011.

I'm a positive and energetic person. I believe life is better when you're laughing and you get out of life what you put into it. I am a proud mother of two little boys, Harvey & Smith! They are my world♥

I've always thought nurses were superhuman and I personally witnessed that when my first son, Harvey, was born. I had a very healthy pregnancy, but when Harvey was born, he wasn't breathing. The joy you get when bringing a baby into this world was quickly filled with panic & helplessness and it was the scariest moment of my life. My L&D nurse is who kept me as calm as I could be during that moment. I watched eight NICU nurses rush through the doorway into my delivery room. My little Harvey was the most important thing to them and after about 10 long minutes, I finally heard that sweet, innocent baby cry that I was so desperately waiting for. I literally owed everything to these nurses.

Harvey spent two full days in the NICU after he was born. Those nurses taught me how to be a mother to him, how to bathe him, how to feed him, how to hold him, how to change him. One of my ultimate personal goals in life is to be the best Mother to my two boys every moment of every day and I give credit to the nurses, not the endless blogs I subscribed to, not the stack of books I read while pregnant, but all of those wonderful nurses for helping me to achieve that.

I recently lost my father to a very aggressive case of lung cancer. Every day when I would go visit him in the hospital, the nurses knew me by name, kept me updated on how his day had been going and they made him feel very comfortable during his last few weeks. I received a lot of sympathy cards in the mail after he passed, but there was one that really caught me off guard; all of the nurses who had helped take care of my Dad for the last two weeks of his life, personally signed the card, and they were able to write things in there that I'll carry with me in my heart forever, they were there with him during the hours of the day when I wasn't able to be.

My Interests

  • • My Boys ♥
  • • Sports
  • • Fashion
  • • Yoga
  • • Wine & Craft Beer
  • • Music
  • • Food (Eating & Cooking)
  • • Traveling
  • • Exploring the Outdoors
  • • Working out
  • • Football/Tailgating
  • • DIY projects
  • Comments and Recommendations

    I worked with Medical Solutions during the summer of 2013, and then started with them again from November 2016 til now. I've had two recruiters in that time (my original one got a new job). Both have been great. I currently work with Jenn Seay, and she's absolutely wonderful. Very responsive, puts my needs first, and works hard to keep me satisfied. The few times I have had problems with assignments, she is on my side and quickly resolves it. I've never had a late or incorrect paycheck. The website is easy to navigate. Even when I've considered looking at other companies to see if there more job options out there, I can't seem to pull myself away from working with Jenn and MS!

    - Shelby F. BSN, RN

    You are the Cadillac of recruiting Jennifer. No one holds a candle to your heart or communication skills. I knew that going in to this!! So many companies treat people like a product on an assembly line !! I have seen and felt so yet with numerous companies I have dealt with until I found you.

    - Misty G., RN

    I LOVE working with Medical Solutions and Jennifer Seay. She is always available when I need her and has been fantastic at handling my first assignment. I look forward to many more years of traveling with Medical Solutions and Jennifer

    - Erin N. BSN, RN

    You are awesome and amazing at what you do and I am very happy working with you - and you are still my favorite!! I love that we click well and you\'re just always super on top of things. I really APPRECIATE YOU!!

    - Danielle E. BSN, RN