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Tyler N.

Career Consultant

When you want to succeed as bad as you want to breathe then you will be successful

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Hi everyone! A little about me, some of my favorite things would have to be traveling, exercising, spending time with my family on the lake in the summers, and most importantly grilling or barbequing.

On the weekends you can find me visiting the new hip restaurant in town that everyone is raving about, watching my beloved Iowa Hawkeyes, spending time with good company, or being active outside. The top three places to visit on my bucket list would have to be New Zealand, Thailand, and Tahiti! I'm also an adrenaline junkie so for any ER nurses out there talk to me about my dream of sky diving, gliding, or bungee jumping some day. It will be accomplished!

I am super excited to get you get started or help you continue this travel nursing journey of yours. Most importantly, I am happy to be there every step of the way to guide you through an amazing opportunity. I look forward to the experiences we have ahead of us!

***See below for comments by current and past travelers and what they have had to say about their experience working with me!***

My Interests

  • • Travel
  • • College Football and Basketball
  • • BBQ
  • • Lake Time
  • • The Beach
  • • Fitness
  • • Concerts
  • • Volunteering
  • Comments and Recommendations

    I have had nothing but wonderful service from the entire team at Medical Solutions. From the first day I called I knew Tyler was the recruiter for me!

    - Current Medical Solutions Traveler

    I have been nothing short of satisfied through this entire experience. It has been my first travel assignment and everything has worked out great!

    - Past Traveler (2 Years with Medical Solutions)

    I have a wonderful recruiter and my experience has been smooth. My recruiter is always checking on me and asks if there is anything I need or anything he can do to make things better/easier.

    - Past Traveler

    They make you feel like part of your family!

    - Current Traveler (2 Years with Medical Solutions)

    Love the relationship with my recruiter!

    - Current Teveler (2 Years with Medical Solutions)

    I appreciate the support I get from my recruiter

    - Current Traveler (Has been traveling for 5+ years)

    Very helpful and friendly. My recruiter communicates well with me which is very important!

    - Current Traveler (2 Years with Medical Solutions)

    I have enjoyed my travel assignment a great deal. Any bumps I\'ve had along the way, Tyler has been very prompt and efficient in handling it.

    - After traveler's first assignment

    Tyler is excellent!!!

    - Current Traveler (2 Years with Medical Solutions)