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Amelia at her 1st Nebraska Football game.
Opening Day at Royals game.
Amelia, Georgia, Samantha
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Austin D.

Career Consultant **2017 Recruiter of the Year**

There is no elevator to success, you have to take the stairs

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Working with Healthcare Professionals is something that I am personally passionate about. My Mother has been a Nurse for 40 years, so I have learned a lot about how amazing the profession is. Also, having three daughters of my own (two of which spent a little time in the NICU), I found a whole new appreciation and respect for the dedication and heart Nurses put in daily. The hours, sacrifices, and work that healthcare professionals put in daily is like nobody else...and my job is to make your life easier.

Outside of work I am blessed to go home to my wife Brittany, three daughters (Amelia, 11), (Samantha, 9), and (Georgia 5). We also have two English Bulldogs that keep us on our toes ;)

I attribute my success to a very simple concept: Exceed Expectations. I take pride in providing service that is above what anyone has received. I truly care about the people I work with, and want what is best for them. I value relationships over anything, and want to work harder than anyone in the business to help you achieve your goals.

I was voted 'Recruiter of the Year' at Medical Solutions, by the TRAVELERS. This is such an amazing honor to be recognized by Travelers. I am truly humbled by the support and partnerships I get to be a part of daily.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions, I am happy to help! I am available 24/7/365!

My Interests

  • • Going to the lake
  • • Golfing
  • • Staying in Hotels
  • • Coffee - I can't survive without it
  • • Spending time with my family
  • • KC Royals Baseball
  • • Grilling
  • • Scotch
  • • Reading
  • • Cigars
  • • Landscaping
  • Comments and Recommendations

    "Thank you Austin! This company is too good to be true :)"

    "Man I've had a great time with you Austin you made this experience amazing I appreciate everything you've done for me."

    "My recruiter, Austin Deupree, has made this an amazing experience. I can't say enough great things about Medical Solutions and the help and attention I have had from the very beginning. "

    "Austin is great at what he does. I have nothing but good things to say, he's GREAT!"

    "Please don't change a thing. I have been working with travel companies off/on for years and this is the First time I feel like my recruiter has my back."

    "Thank you for being patient when I wasn't sure if traveling was for me, and for always believing in me that I could do this! Your support and encouragement has made me grateful everyday for deciding to take this leap. You have made all the difference and I look forward to what my future will bring, and will rest easy knowing you have my back."

    "Austin always goes above and beyond to get the answers to all my questions! He is a great resource and I always feel like he is 100% invested in my success as a traveler. I appreciate all he does!!"

    "Austin is able to meet my needs any time day or night. He is efficient in getting back to me and problem solving."

    "Austin has really been my rock. He has listened to me vent and has given me positive feedback with constructive criticism. He has always beneficent and kind and he deserves and has all the Wow's I can possibly give. I appreciate him more than he will ever know."

    "Austin is unbelievably professional, kind and inspirational. I am on my first travel assignment and I'm far from home. He has given me the encouragement to continue my assignment with a smile on my face, he has gone above and beyond to make my stay in Lynchburg a memorable one."

    "Austin is always on top of his game. He makes himself available at all times and is constantly going above and beyond to make sure I am satisfied with all that is going on. I am happy to work with him!"

    "Austin is ALWAYS there for me.I'm very happy having Austin as my recruiter. I've been traveling off and on, mostly on, for about 15 years so I know a good recruiter when I get one! Thanks Austin for always being there for me!"

    "I would like to tell you about how awesome Austin is. I have worked with a couple of other recruiters and he has out done them all! He keeps in contact with me on a weekly basis, has a positive and helpful attitude and has even sent me several gifts. Most importantly though, I have had a situation in which he was completely in my corner and helped me as much as he could. Austin, is outstanding and I am very happy to be working with him and Medical Solutions. "

    "You have always had my back and always shown that you cared about me as a person and not just a nurse. You are an excellent recruiter and I appreciate you."

    - -

    "Thank you so incredibly much for being such a wonderful recruiter. You made this experience second to none."

    - -

    "Austin is so knowledgeable, I trust he has my interests in mind, and makes my job so much easier. There is never a time that I cannot reach if if I need him for anything or have any questions."

    - -

    "Austin is maybe the hardest working recruiter that I've ever worked for! He makes it very easy if concerns/problems arise to take care of it right away. Austin is always there and I'm confident he has my back. He is great at communicating and setting expectations. He is a great recruiter and all his hard work is appreciated!!"

    - -

    "He always checks on me and asks if I need anything. He is amazing!"

    - -