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Key West-one of my favorite spots
Do you know a dog that can roll her tongue? I didn't think so-meet Lucy!
My college girlfriends-we live all over the country now and still have the best time. If you ever want a travel recommendation, ask me-one of these ladies has been there!
My happy place is on this boat with this girl.
local beerfest supporting one of my favorite Midwest breweries-Boulevard
Rock 'n' Roll Half Marathon in Las Vegas
Toured Oregon for a week and visited local craft breweries and took in all the amazing views Oregon has.
Lucy and me celebrating OUR favorite holiday-4th of July! Yes folks, she smiles :)
Some of my crazy, big family. I am the baby of 4 kids and an Aunt to 8
A quick stop in the middle of a buggy tour in Curacao with Jeremy. Celebrating 3 years of marriage this year!

Jenny G.

Career Consultant

Start the day with a Smile and end it with Champagne. Cheers!

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I am excited that you and I are meeting and I look forward to "officially" meeting you very soon! I have a passion for life and helping others so being given the opportunity to help people pursue their passions through travel nursing gives me quite the adrenaline rush daily. I don't take for granted that you are putting your trust in me along this journey and it's something I am very honored to do. I want the travel assignment to be invigorating for you not only professionally, but personally as well. My nurses know I always have their back and it's something I do from day one. I have many nurses in my family and have known since I was a child that nurses truly are rockstars and I am lucky to get to make a passion of mine a career.

I was born and raised in Omaha, NE and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln for college-GO HUSKERS! I quickly realized soon after college that I needed a job where I could be myself while celebrating other people's unique and amazing qualities and I was drawn to recruiting. My nurses are my friends-I still can't believe I get to talk to my friends and help them pursue their dreams daily as a career!

When I am not at work I love to travel, be on/or near water, try new restaurants, enjoy craft beers and cocktails and brag about how cute my dog Lucy is. I am married to Jeremy and we are huge Nebraska Cornhuskers and Minnesota Vikings fans and love to travel to watch them play across the country. We balance out our love of craft beer and bar food by running half marathons (we are only half crazy, don't see a full in our future!) around the country together-it's amazing the conversations you have while training for a race with someone during the long runs. Our dog (Lucy) and cat (Brody) are our fur babies so please feel free to bring any and all animal talk and obsessions my way!

I follow the motto of work hard, play hard in all aspects of my life and believe we can have a great time accomplishing goals and achieving success together while having a good time doing it. I look forward to having future fun and success with you!

My Interests

  • • My 105 lb Pyrenees, Lucy
  • • Traveling the world
  • • Golf (I just got my first hole-in-one this year!)
  • • A great morning run
  • • Craft Beer & a great Old Vine Zin
  • • Cooking
  • • Teaching my nieces and nephews all the life lessons their parents won't :)
  • • A solid Netflix binge
  • Comments and Recommendations

    Jenny is the best recruiter I’ve ever had-she thinks of everything before I ask. She is my advocate and has been a friend and a really good listener when I needed one and I will finish my career with her because I couldn’t do any better!

    “Jenny has been with me from day one. She supports her travel nurses and keeps in continual contact with them. Jenny had sent care packages to me during the Holidays which was very nice.”

    “Jenny has such an upbeat spirit and attitude. She and her husband share a love for rescue animals. My wife and I have rescue dogs and it’s been fun sharing stories and photos.”

    “Jenny works hard to ensure that I have what I need in travel assignments and accommodations. I have been with Jenny for just over a year and it’s been the best year of my traveling career! I swear she is my little sister from another mister. From day one Jenny has been enthusiastic, attentive, and extremely generous with her time in finding the perfect assignments for me. I have NEVER had to wait more than a few hours for a response from a voicemail or email. She even called me, while she was on her wedding anniversary vacation, because she received notice I had left a three-minute voicemail. I told her it was just one of my funny voicemails, and wanted to ask a question about my next assignment, but it could wait until she got back. I was blown away that she called me because she thought the length of my message meant I might be in crisis.”

    “I’ve developed the type of business/friendship relationship, I was hoping I’d have when I became a traveler, with Jenny because she is simply herself. I’ve never felt as though my needs have been unheard. I have never felt as though I’ve been abandoned once I’ve started a new assignment or extended a contract. We always check in with one another, and THIS is number one on most traveler’s lists. During one of our conversations, we were randomly talking about one of our favorite TV shows. She thought I was caught up, and ended up giving away a huge spoiler. She sent me a sympathy card (as a joke/apology) in the mail!! I opened it, and thought she must’ve sent it to me by mistake. I died laughing when I opened the card, which revealed her apology for the spoiler. She has such wit, and it’s something I sooooo appreciate! She is just the best. Simply put…just give her the award of best recruiter!”

    “Jenny Groen has gone above and beyond the call of recruiter! She chose to stand by me and listen to my story after a misunderstanding that occurred at the hospital. She invests real time and energy into our conversations and truly views my success as her success. Jenny informed me of opportunities outside of work such as funding for a nonprofit that I am involved in and also sent me a foot massager at just the right time! She is someone I would trust with my career and I knew it from the very first phone call we had simply through hearing the passion, care, and sincerity in her voice! She undoubtedly deserves to be recruiter of the year!”

    “Jenny always stays in contact and is super helpful-I feel like she is a friend. Jenny has taken time to get to know me and my family. She is super supportive and keeps in touch with me, over and above what I expect. I never have to wonder if she is on my side. I am thankful that she is my recruiter and I look forward to working with her more. A+++”

    “I’ve been a traveler for three years and worked for several companies. Jenny Groen is the best recruiter I have had and she really delivers! She is quick to solve problems or answer questions. She also takes time to get to know you personally and likes to add her personal touch. I look forward working with her for more contracts.”

    “As a seasoned traveler, I’ve worked with several companies and recruiters over the years. My recruiter, Jenny Groen, is the best. She always responds quickly when there is a question or unexpected problem. Jenny takes the time to get to know you personally. It’s a nice touch!”

    “She worked with me for about five months helping me find my first assignment and getting me ready for the move. Waiting for California license to process. She was very nice about my night schedule, calling early and never afternoon! Her courtesy and professionalism was the reason I choose to take contract with Medical Solutions. She calls for follow up on my move, first day, etc-definitely makes me feel like I’m talking to a friend helping me to get a new job.”