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Our 2016 Air Force Basic Training Graduate!
Merry Christmas from the Wilsons!
Grace, too comfortable for pictures!
My wife, Kami and I.

Brandon Wilson

Career Consultant

Obtain everything you want in life by serving others. Help them reach their goals, in turn, yours will be met to!

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I was born in Mississippi! However, because my incredible mother was in the military, I moved to Japan when I was just a few days old! After living there for four years I spent time in Great Falls Montana, Valdosta Georgia then off to Europe living in Belgium for 6 years! I am not sure where I am "from" however I am very thankful to be an American!

After returning to the states, I played college football in Ohio then moved to Florida. Now a Nebraska resident (but still an Ohio State Buckeye at heart) I am focused on helping nurses find incredible joy in their line of work and travel, at the same time! I enjoy what I do because I love traveling and sharing experiences with my team as they travel the world helps me build my bucket list! Thank you to my current and future team, travel on!

My Interests

  • • My incredible family!
  • • The Ohio State Buckeyes!
  • • Traveling
  • • The United States
  • • History
  • • Diverse Foods
  • • Motorsports
  • • Fast Cars
  • • Freedom!
  • Comments and Recommendations

    Please reach out to myself and our team whenever you have any questions on traveling! Weather you yourself are looking to travel or know of someone who is, send them our way, we will have a referral bonus or sign on bonus waiting for you! Thank you for helping each and every life you touch!

    - Your Medical Solutions Team