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Vince Odorisio

Career Consultant

Making Small Changes In Your Own Life Will Change The World

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During my time in this industry I have tried not only to provide great experiences for all of the travelers but also a reliable relationship with great customer service. There are a ton of options and opportunities available but finding one that turns into a great experience is a key to a great assignment. Furthermore, I strive to provide great customer service so much so that I feel we become friends.

I was born and raised in Omaha, NE. I grew up playing soccer and attended Creighton University. Go Jays! I really enjoy hanging out with family and friends, as well as meeting new people. I am a husband to an awesome wife and mother of our 2 children, Marlo and Everly.

Please do not hesitate to reach out if you have any questions about travel nursing, the process, tips on how to get faster interviews or anything else related to travel nursing.

Vince Odorisio

My Interests

  • • Caring for Others
  • • Family
  • • Friends
  • • Arsenal FC
  • • Singing
  • • Dancing
  • • House Hunters
  • • Tiny House Builders
  • • Really - Anything on HGTV
  • Comments and Recommendations

    People routinely ask about what companies are the best and which recruiters nurses love. Well I truly believe that the recruiter makes the company. April Ann and I have had the privilege of working with some good and some not so good recruiters but we can’t imagine our travel nursing careers without Vincent Odorisio. I have made it a point to brag about him on more than one occasion, not because he loves the attention but because he deserves it. He has busted his xyz repeatedly to find us what we want with our contracts and continuously goes above and beyond. Well, I came home from work tonight to a package from him. Our bulldog passed away at the end of April and it literally rocked our world. I mentioned it to Vince because we have talked about him in the past and because I didn’t know if I would be able to make my next shift. Vince knew how much he meant to us and sent us a gift. I can’t tell you how much it means to have a recruiter that you can also call a friend! No amount of nurses week gifts and bonus pay can substitute a simple gesture like this. Thanks Vince, we love you and our gift. It’s already found a place in the tenement!

    - Nicole S - RN, BSN - Pediatric ER

    Vince has been a great recruiter. While I have never actually met Vince in person, on top of the fact that he has worked hard for me to set myself up for success, he has become a good friend. When I first started and was getting a ton of calls, none of the recruiter's I spoke to seemed to know any of the answers to the questions I asked. When I was referred to Vince I immediately felt confident in him and he was able to answer all of the questions about benefits, the process and how everything really works. I wouldn't travel with another recruiter unless Vince leaves the industry.

    - Cathy - RN, BSN

    I remember when I first spoke to Vince. I had told him about how dejected I was as I had been told I needed to gain more experience. Even though I had 1.5 years of experience in Tele/MedSurg, all of the other agencies kept telling me I needed more experience. One recruiter told me to call him back in 6 months and hung up. The next day is when Vince called and he assured me that he would find me a great fit that matched my experience. Sure enough 5 days later I had an offer and my first travel contract. I enjoyed it so much I extended 2x and did a total of 9 months on my very first assignment! I recommend Vince to anyone I know looking to travel as I know they will be in great hands like I have been.

    - Anna B - RN