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"Super Family" - Halloween 2015
The kids and I
Halloween 2014... Elsa and Batman
My Family
Me and my Hubby
My other "child", Asti!
Being silly in some of our best ugly Christmas sweaters :-)


Career Consultant

Two things define you: Your patience when you have nothing, and your attitude when you have everything.

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I have been a Career Consultant at Medical Solutions since October 2009. The thing I enjoy most about what I do is meeting and speaking to new people every day. I care for the travelers I work with like my own family and want them to be successful and reach all of their personal and professional goals. I find it interesting to hear about their adventures while they are traveling, and enjoy getting to know them and learn about their families, including their pets, and their hobbies and interests.

In my spare time, I enjoy spending time with my husband, Adam, my daughter, Quinn, my son, Nash, and my third ‘child’/Airedale Terrier, Asti. I also enjoy cooking, listening to music, watching movies, doing anything ‘crafty’, and online shopping!

My Interests

  • • Cooking
  • • Watching Movies
  • • Online Shopping
  • • Traveling
  • • Golfing
  • • Volleyball
  • • Crafts and crafty things
  • • Music
  • • Visiting Family & Friends
  • Comments and Recommendations

    I love my recruiter Melissa, she is always available, even when she is not there. I have not problem ever with my paycheck even when I did something wrong, it was from the beginning about what I wanted and I needed.

    - Maria, OR RN

    I think Melissa Kersten is the primary reason. She has been a great listener, responsive to all my questions, and a genial voice on the phone. I can't say enough about how great it has been to work with her. I am happy with my placement and the support I get via the phone or email or text.

    - Wendy, SLP

    My recruiter!! Melissa Kersten is the BEST. She is always on top of "getting everything in order" and if it's wrong, she'll find a way to make it right...she is sweet as pie and I love her! I couldn't have gotten through some tough times without her encouragement and humor :)

    - Mary Nelle, ER RN

    This message goes out to ALL Medical Solutions Staff! Just want to say Thank You for all you have done for me while I traveled. Med Sol made my job easier and a great experience! I want to mention two people who helped me out the most! The first being Melissa Paitz (I mean Kersten), my recruiter. She was awesome and made me feel like I was the only traveler she had. She responded when she said she would and always held up her end of the deal. Not only was she a great recruiter but we we have turned into good friends! :) The second is Christy Johnston who works with the medical insurance. I have been out of the company for about a month now and she still went above and beyond to meet my health insurance needs regarding Cobra. She kept her word and was another who would call when she said she would! Thanks again and please share this information at a staff meeting. I know you all doing a great job and you may not hear "Thank you" enough! If I get the travel bug again, just know Med Sol will be the first on my list! Take care,

    - Anna, SLP

    I have the best recruiter working hard for me. I know it will work out!! So Ill just enjoy my "vacation" . Thank you Melissa Kersten

    - Jennifer N

    It's a Monday... Quizzes and homework... But I got to talk to my favorite recruiter Melissa Kersten which made the morning bright!! Now it's off to save lives!!

    - Jaimeson B

    Missing my Melissa K. She has spoiled me I think!! So tired of dealing with replacements and crappy recruiters!! Thank you Melissa!! — with Melissa Kersten

    - Jaimeson B

    Hey that's me!! Thanks for the t shirt!! Melissa is my consultant (she is awesome!) and she has put my fears to rest about traveling but I'm just debating on where to go for sure. It's hard when there are so many choices!!

    - Ashleigh H

    She is amazing! Excellent communication, pleasant, available, problem solver! Best of the best!

    She was super concerned about her travelers while she was going through her own personal crisis. She ensures that her travelers receives what they ask for. She frequently checks in on her travelers; before, during, and after; an assignment making sure their needs are being met. Even though she has a job to do, she NEVER makes her travelers feel as if they are another number on her list. She cares and treats us like people. She is awesome and the reason why I do not want to go with another company.

    Melissa has been a fantastic recruiter! She is always on top of her game and is always very quick to respond! I appreciate all she does! We have built a wonderful relationship and respect for one another. I know she is looking out for me at my assignment and stays in close contact during the assignment to make sure things are running smoothly. She should definitely be Recruiter of the Year! They don't get any better than Melissa Kersten!

    Melissa should be recruiter of the year for so many reasons! She is always available to address my questions or concerns within a day, if not within the hour! She’s quick and very thorough. She’s friendly and personable, all of our conversations end with "is there anything that I can I be doing for you?" Melissa makes me feel supported and I know I have someone that I can rely on which is crucial for me when I am working in a new environment. I have her to thank for getting me my last two assignments exactly where I wanted to be and even though I know she is probably working for multiple travelers, she makes me feel like I'm the only one. Melissa is truly wonderful and I think her for all she does for me.

    Melissa is amazing! She is fantastic at listening to my needs and her follow up is top notch. She is very easy to deal with and she always makes sure things are handled in a timely fashion. New assignments can be a stressful situation and she is great at keeping the process calm.

    First of all I would not be working for Medical Solutions if it was not for Melissa. She has made my time at Medical Solutions a very special work experience. She has gone beyond what one would expect a recruiter to do. She has worked with me helping me with special needs to be ready to go on every assignment. I am confident to say that she has not only been my recruiter but a special friend.

    Melissa has been amazing from day one! I always feel like she has my best interest at heart and feel like she has become a real friend to me. Even when I took 3 months off this year she continued to keep in touch and even sent me a sweet Christmas card! I never have to stress about anything because she takes care of it all! The BEST recruiter of the year for sure!

    My recruiter, Melissa Kersten, has been a Godsend! She always builds my confidence and tells me how great I am, and confidence is KEY in nursing! She is patient, kind, and understanding. She never pushes me to take an assignment I don't feel comfortable with, but at the same time helps me think outside the box and my comfort zone! She always is quick to respond to my crazy, nagging, questions! Haha! Melissa truly puts herself before others, and she totally deserves this award!