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Rachel Myers

Career Consultant

"It takes all kinds to make the world go round...." - My Grandmother Maxine Myers "I promise you that our similarities far out weigh our differences"

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I am a unique human and tend to look at things outside of the box yet at my core I am just a small town girl from Iowa. I live and work in the Denver office and my job of recruiting awesome nurses is truly rewarding as I have made some amazing connections over the years. I am the one always working late and you will never not be able to get a hold of me which is something I pride myself on as a recruiter. I bring over 9+ years in recruiting!

My Interests

  • • I love watching sports from football to volleyball to basketball. I love any kind of trivia and Jeopardy is my guilty pleasure. I must get a workout in almost daily as I crave the endorphin release... Currently into YogaSculpt and HIIT workouts. I trul