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Brittany Frey

Career Consultant

We have nothing to lose and the world to see.

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Hello everyone welcome to my page! A little about me I was born and raised in Rhode Island. If we get the pleasure of talking you will definitely catch and probably laugh at my accent. I appreciate sunsets, quality food, and deep conversations. I've always worked hard for what I have which makes me appreciate everything. I've always been driven and thrive in fast paced environments. To prove this correct let me tell you about my most recent adventure.

The day after walking stage I hugged my family and friends, packed my car and starting driving. I left everything behind to live my dream. From the day I started college I've always wanted to move to San Diego and now I'm here! I had no friends or family and not a ton of cash. But I had a vision, a positive attitude and the willingness to make a dream a reality.

That’s why I’m a Career Consultant because I want to help other live their dreams while traveling. Take a chance, step outside of your comfort zone & let's make things happen. I love working for Medical Solutions I know you will too!!

My Interests

  • • Hiking
  • • Cooking
  • • Zumba
  • • Bike riding
  • • Henna
  • • Exploring
  • • Roller skating
  • • Herbalife
  • • Making new friends
  • Comments and Recommendations

    When I started travel nursing again, I was so happy to get Brittany as my recruiter. Brittany is willing to jump through hoops to get the assignment you want. She goes above and beyond to get things done.
    Look at the smile on my face after talking to Brittany.

    - Val Bazar, PACU RN

    It has been a pleasure working with Brittany this year. My recruiter left for maternity leave and Brittany was kind enough to take me on as a traveler. From the very beginning she showed genuine interest in my work and personal life. As my assignment nears its end she has made a point to schedule specific days we can discuss the expectations for upcoming assignment opportunities. I appreciate Brittany's energy and enthusiasm during our phone conversations and love her weekly emails. Thank you for all the hard work!

    - Erica Jones, Med/Surg RN

    What can I say about Ms. Brittany. I am glad that she ended up as my recruiter last year when I started my travel nursing career. She showed genuine interest in my career and life. She works very hard to get me the assignments I wanted. She is a pleasure to work with and is fun person to talk to when she calls in every week to see how you are doing. She is an amazing recruiter to work with.

    - Richard Keepseagle, OR RN